Nicki Minaj – I’m Moving On With Nas!


Nicki Minaj couldn’t care less about her 2 exes’ drama over BET weekend … ’cause she’s got a new hip-hop king to occupy her mind.

Sources close to Nicki tell TMZ she hasn’t batted an eyelash over news Meek Mill might have ordered his goons to jump her other ex, Safaree. And the reason is simple … Nas.

We’re told Nicki doesn’t feel anything about the fight, mostly ’cause it’s not her problem … and both of those dudes are in her rearview. More importantly … she’s happily moving on with her new man, Mr. Jones … although it’s still in the early stages.

Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food 👅 congrats @nas 😜

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As we reported … Safaree challenged Meek to a 1-on-1 fight after he claimed Meek orchestrated the attack on him. Meek denies that.

Either way, the bottom line here … Nicki’s over both Meek and Safaree, and their beef is theirs alone.

Somewhere, she and Nas are playing the Counting Crows — looking deep into each other’s eyes.


Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor release training footage-Who has the edge?

Boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor are the elite of the elite in their respective sports, and they know better than anyone reading a blog post on the internet how to get ready for a fight.

Image result for mayweather vs mcgregor

The men will fight in a 12-round, non-title boxing match on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas in what has a chance to become the highest-grossing fight in the sport’s history.

The hype has already been off the charts, and it’s going to amp up with each week that passes. The reason the fight is so big, in addition to how good they are as fighters and the unique nature of a boxer going against a mixed martial artist, is that they’re both great promoters.

On Thursday, each man released training footage on Instagram. It’s not sparring video – no one will ever see that, unless it’s bogus sparring intended to deceive or as a joke – because that is something that every fighter is adamant about: No online video of live sparring.

But the videos do provide a path into their preparations and how they want the public to view them before their showdown.

The first video is of Mayweather hitting a bag. Make of it what you will, but he sure doesn’t look like a 40-year-old man. His speed and reflexes seem impeccable.

The video below is from McGregor’s training, which is primarily hitting a heavy bag. You can hear him at the beginning say, “I’m going to stop Floyd,” and later, “I am boxing!”

Interestingly, McGregor wrote on his post, “You’ve never seen these moves.”

You’ve never seen these moves. #Ghost

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So that is our first look at Mayweather and McGregor preparing for their mega-fight.

Did anything you saw change your mind about what the outcome will be? Was there anything that surprised you? Do you think McGregor looks comfortable with boxing gloves on?

Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Yahoo Sports for much more on the Mayweather-McGregor bout.Image result for mayweather


These Healthy Habits Will Easily Get You in Shape

Getting fit is all about habits. Whether it’s the habit of exercising on a regular basis or trying to eat a protein-filled breakfast every day, once you get into a routine, you’re more likely to stick with it. Here are five exercise habits that will help you out. Some are simple and others are a bit more work, but once you get going, you’ll be unstoppable.

1. Do what you enjoy

man going on an off-road bike adventure

You have to make sure you’re exercising consistently. |

A lot of people spend time researching the best exercises on the web, wondering what will burn the highest amount of calories with the least amount of effort. Or they go from trend to trend doing whatever “workout du jour” the experts rave about. But, the best exercise is the one you’ll actually do on a consistent basis. As you already know, if you enjoy something, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

2. Mix it up

ab workout, fitness ball, exercise

Try something new with your workouts to keep things interesting. |

While it’s important to exercise consistently, it’s also just as necessary to be consistent about change. In the long run, doing the same exact workout all the time just won’t be as challenging to your body. Your muscles will adapt, and you won’t push yourself as hard as you once did. So, if you love to do CrossFit, why not throw in a yoga class once or twice a week? Maybe try something new like swimming or boxing. If there is really only one activity that you enjoy (see the first rule) like spinning, it’s still possible to mix it up. Take a class with a different instructor or at a new studio. Do whatever you need to do to get out of your comfort zone.

3. Schedule your fitness

Muscular woman doing stretching workout on exercise mat

Plan when you’re going to work out ahead of time. | Ammentorp Lund

Let’s say your goal is to exercise five days a week. On Sunday night, plan your workouts ahead of time. You are more likely to follow through if you plan in advance, instead of just winging it. Even if you are busy, you can always find an hour to work out in between other activities. For example, if you have Happy Hour plans on Tuesday after work, schedule your gym time for the morning. If you’re going away for the weekend, plan to work out Monday through Friday. Put down these plans in your smartphone. Set an alarm and reminders if you have to.

If you still can’t seem to stick to a schedule or keep changing your plans, perhaps it’s time to hire a personal trainer. A trainer will make sure you exercise and you will be less likely to cancel something you are plunking down a lot of cash for. Can’t afford a personal trainer, but still can’t stick to a schedule? Try to find a workout buddy. Create your own support system.

4. Take a class

close-up on a woman stretching during a pole dancing class

Fitness classes are a great way to go. |

Taking a class is a great way to get fit. It also reinforces the first three habits on this list because it requires scheduling, can help you discover a form of exercise you will like and stick with, and it’s a good way to mix it up. If you are naturally competitive, classes will push you to work harder. They are also a great way to receive personal instruction, if you don’t have your own trainer. A good group instructor worth his or her salt (or protein powder) will also make sure you have proper form and push you to work harder than you would on your own.

5. Track your progress

young healthy girl on home scales

Find your own way to track your progress. |

Seeing your progress helps you stay motivated. Even doing something as simple as writing down your workouts, weight, or logging your food can help you see where you are going and keep you honest. The easiest way to do this is with a Fitbit or similar device. There are also a number of apps such as Lose It and My Fitness Pal to give you the support you need.


Army arrest notorious Boko Haram terrorist in Buni Gari

Troops of 27 Task Force Brigade, deployed to Buni Gari in Borno said they have arrested another suspected Boko Haram terrorist.

Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman, the Director Army Public Relations, made this known on Thursday in Maiduguri.

Usman said the suspect, 20, was arrested by the troops on June 25 while on perimeter patrol.

He added that “preliminary investigation was initially difficult as he was found to be under influence of heavy dosage of drugs.

“However, he has since stabilised and making useful statement.”

The director noted that the troops of 29 Task Force Brigade also Discovered Improvised Explosive Device (IED) planted by suspected terrorists along Wajiro-Mallam Kuramti cattle route.

“Troops of the 29 Task Force Brigade also discovered an IED planted by suspected Boko Haram terrorists while on patrol on June 28 along Wajiro-Mallam Kuramti cattle route.

“The team safely removed and detonated it,’’ he said.

Usman said the troops of 151 Battalion of the 21 Brigade also cleared an ambush by suspected terrorists.

He added that “on June 28, at about 3.30 p.m. troops of 151 Battalion of 21 Brigade on patrol to Mayanti Village were ambushed by suspected elements of Boko Haram terrorists.

“The troops successfully cleared the ambush by neutralizing some of the terrorists, while a re-enforcement was immediately dispatched to mop up the general area.

“The team recovered a 60mm Commando Mortar Bomb, 13 rounds of 7.62mm (Special) ammunition and 51 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition’’.

Usman said the remains of two soldiers killed in action were also buried in Gombe.

“On June 28 the remains of two gallant soldiers that paid the supreme price on Saturday June 17, along Damboa-Biu road in Borno State, 11NA/66/10788 Lance Corporal Auwal Halliru and 15NA/73/0188 Private Halilu Aliyu of 254 Task Force Battalion were buried according Islamic rites at the Gombe military ceremony,’’ Usman said.

Celebrity Sports

Football Stars Land In Argentina For Messi’s Wedding

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona teammates landed in private jets in his Argentine hometown on Thursday on the eve of the star striker’s celebrity wedding.

Curious locals watched stars such as Luis Suarez and Carles Puyol as well as ex-Barca and current Chelsea player Cesc Fabregas disembark at the small airport in the northern city of Rosario.

A host of footballing stars including Barcelona striker Neymar and ex-Barca star Xavi Hernandez were expected among the 260 guests at Friday’s wedding at the Hotel City Center Casino.Image result for Football stars land in Argentina for Messi wedding

“Is that Neymar or Xavi? Ah, whatever, take a photo all the same,” said one local woman to her grandchildren as they watched from the terminal.

The players arrived dressed in caps, hoods and dark sunglasses, with suitcases in hand.

Local reporters broadcasting from the scene on radio and television told their audiences it was “the wedding of the century” for Rosario.

Authorities said 300 police officers were deployed at key points in the gritty port city — the birthplace of the bloody drug gang Los Monos — to ensure that guests traveled safely to the venue.Image result for Football stars land in Argentina for Messi wedding

With a homicide rate twice the national rate, Rosario is considered one of Argentina’s most dangerous cities.

But Messi, 30, and his childhood sweetheart Roccuzzo, 29, return every year to visit their families.

Also expected among the wedding guests — and sure to draw the attention of starstruck fans at the airport — are Messi’s teammate Gerard Pique and his wife, Colombian pop star Shakira.


Mistake People Make When They Decide To Eat Healthy

No matter which diet you pick — ban gluten, say good-bye to sugar, give up carbs — the problem remains the same: Eventually it ends.

Most of us who try lifestyle changes like limiting carbs or sugar only keep it up for a period of time. Research shows the vast majority of people who diet to lose weight end up gaining back some or all of the weight they lost, typically within a few years.

We asked two experts — registered dietitian Andy Bellatti and exercise scientist Philip Stanforth — what people should do if they want to lose weight and keep it off.

Both experts said one principle should guide any change you make to what you eat. It comes down to doing something you can maintain for the rest of your life.

“You know we tend to say you go on a diet, but that also implies you’re going to go off of it,” Stanforth said. “And that’s not how we should be looking at this.”

healthy eating

Instead, he and Bellatti suggest you develop healthier eating and exercise patterns that you can keep up long-term.

“I’d say nine times out of 10 the people who change slowly and do manageable goals are the people who three years out still have success,” Bellatti said. “I know many people who’ve gone on some kind of crash diet for a week and lose a bunch of weight and a few months later they’re back to square one.”

For this reason, Bellatti recommends clients give themselves two to four years of consistent behavioral changes. These could include things like adding more vegetables to each meal, walking instead of driving to work a few days a week, and cutting back on sugary drinks like soda.

“Sometimes people are looking for the latest fad, but oftentimes it’s the fundamentals that are the most important and that make the biggest difference,” Stanforth said.Image result for healthy eating


Priceless: Has Monaco star Kylian Mbappe sent a warning to Real Madrid and Arsenal?

The concept of an 18-year-old being valued at well over €100 million is eye watering even in the lucrative world of football.

But that is the price the likes of Real Madrid or Arsenal will reportedly have to stump up to land Monaco’s teenage prodigy Kylian Mbappe.

The Monaco forward has also been reportedly targeted by Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, and almost every major team in Europe.

Image result for Kylian Mbappe

And, with that knowledge in mind, Mbappe has had a little fun on his official Twitter account to let his potential suitors know he is worth more than the astronomical amounts being bandied around.

Mbappe injected a bit of humour into his transfer saga by changing his Twitter cover photo to a picture of him in front of an advertising hoarding that simply reads ‘priceless’.

It may be an indication from the France star, who became the first player to score in each of his first four Champions League knockout matches, that he is ready to reject a lucrative move and remain with the Ligue 1 champions.

Then again it could have absolutely no meaning at all…


José Mourinho is shaping Manchester United in his image

The average age of Mourinho’s first-choice centre-backs since Porto in 2002-03 is ~29. It’s actually slightly more than that but decimals suggests my working is up to further scrutiny. Regardless, in contrast, Eric Bailly recently turned 23 and Victor Lindelöf is 23 next month. In any other outfield position on the pitch, it wouldn’t be as stark, for Mourinho, who has built sides on experienced pairings at the back, it’s at odds with all his previous. Whether that is the intended immediate partnership as expected remains to be seen – what reinforces the intention is Mourinho has brought these two players in, rather than been obliged or lucky enough to have them at the club already.

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We are told Mourinho distrusts youth. Along with other misgivings of the serial winner, flatly shunning the future for reliable experience might be about to get debunked. Short-termism makes sense if you envisage a short-term project, and you get the impression Mourinho is at least sticking around for the medium-term at United. Mourinho has spoken with warmth and patience about his task throughout the dating period, his signings so far speak louder than any of those soothing gestures. It is Mourinho’s strategy too – he has no Director of Football, nor does he have any real budget constraints, only player availability. As such, transfer activity gives further credence to Mourinho’s planning for the future. We are told that Mourinho leaves his clubs in a mess, so that’s evidently a good few seasons yet.

Manchester United v Southampton - EFL Cup FinalPhoto by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Paul Pogba, although only 24, has been bought for now and the future. United have the capability to buy more of these players, particularly up front, all parties willing, yet Mourinho has apparently told Mr Woodward not to be enticed and consume his efforts with chasing unrealistic targets. Marcus Rashford seemed to impress Mourinho more than anyone last season, and it will be interesting to see how the forward line takes shape following a year of Zlatan and building up Rashford’s game. A ready replacement for Michael Carrick in midfield is critical. Nemanja Matić, while initially appearing uninspiring, would be a better age with the likes of Timothy Fosu-Mensah coming through. Defensive midfield has been a constant stretch for United and there is no reason to fret over Fabinho, also versatile at right-back, filling more gaps.

 Manchester United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

As Mourinho shapes his team, soon to be bolstered by the man behind Juventus’ scouting successes, Javier Ribalta, we will get a glimpse of where this marriage is headed. Recruiting Ribalta is a progressive move that points towards growth. In the meantime if, as told, it will eventually end in acrimony, we may as well enjoy the ride.


Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Birth of Twin Sons Via Surrogate

Cristiano Ronaldo will not play in Portugal’s third-place match at the 2017 Confederations Cup this Sunday.

He has bigger things to sort out.

Ronaldo, 32, was released from Portugal’s squad late Wednesday after their defeat on penalty kicks to Chile in the Confed Cup semifinals in Russia.  The Real Madrid and Portugal superstar will now travel to visit his new twin sons, who were born via a surrogate earlier this month, with Ronaldo set to meet them for the first time after captaining Portugal in Russia over the past few weeks.

Image result for c ronaldo and his son

According to reports from Portuguese TV channel SIC, the surrogate mother was based on the west coast of the U.S. (I can already hear you guys asking ‘does that mean they’re eligible to play for the USMNT?’). Ronaldo is now the father of three children after already having a seven-year-old son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Reports also suggest that his 22-year-old girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is five months pregnant, so soon he could be a father for the fourth time. He would then be able to field a five-a-side team of Ronaldo’s for indoor games…

Below is the post from Ronaldo confirming his departure from Portugal’s squad, which the national team also confirmed, as he is set to meet his new children for the first time.

“I was in the service of the national team, as always, body and soul, even though my two sons were born. Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve the main sporting objective that we wanted, but I am sure we will continue to give joy to the Portuguese.

“The President of the Portuguese Football Federation and the national picker have today had an attitude that has touched me and I will not forget. I’m very happy to finally be with my children for the first time.”


Hushpuppi To Phyno: “If Your House Can Buy My Shoes, I Will Give You N5 Million”

So, it all started when Hushpuppi shaded Phyno and Iceprince by claiming they were both wearing fake Patek Phillip wristwatches.

That didn’t sit well with Phyno who blasted Hushpuppi by claiming he’s not the type that brags on social media, unlike hushpuppi who rushes to the new media to showcase any little achievement.

In the rapper’s post, he made mention of how he built a house for his mum without bragging about it.

Now, Hushpuppi wants a picture of the house to see if it costs as much as his shoes, lol.