Apply For Fully Funded Onsi Sawiris Scholarship 2023

Onsi Sawiris

We’ll briefly introduce the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship in this article and discuss its objectives and purposes. You’ll also discover more regarding the requirements and the application procedure.

What is the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship all about, then? It’s a distinguished program designed to help and empower intelligent, deserving people ready to achieve their aspirations via education. Thanks to this scholarship, students can realize their potential and succeed in their academic objectives.

Purpose and Goals of the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program is a fully funded scholarship for Egyptian students to pursue bachelor’s or master’s degree programs at prestigious universities in the U.S. in fields that will promote the economic prosperity of Egypt. The scholarship is awarded based on character and merit as demonstrated by academic excellence, entrepreneurial initiative, and extracurricular activities

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship was created to help talented people with financial difficulties pursue their studies. According to the program, everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and give back to society by using their knowledge and talents.

By providing financial support, the fellowship seeks to relieve students of tuition fees and associated costs, allowing them to concentrate on their academics and personal development.

But there’s more! Additional objectives for the scholarship program are also in consideration. It seeks to cultivate a group of extraordinary people passionate about leadership, education, and positively influencing their communities.

Establishing a network of academics with similar interests who can encourage and support one another is more important than simply providing financial help.

Scholarship Benefits

As an Onsi Sawiris Scholar, you may be curious about the incredible benefits you will receive. We’ll tell you what, they’re quite fantastic! The outstanding advantages of this scholarship are listed below.

1. Coverage of tuition fees and related expenses

One of the nicest aspects of this scholarship is that you won’t have to worry about paying for tuition and other connected costs. Your academics won’t be stressed out because the scholarship program will take care of things for you.

2. Living stipend and accommodation support

With this scholarship, you will receive a living allowance to assist with your everyday expenses, which is another fantastic feature. How you will pay for meals, transportation, and other expenses won’t be a concern for you. You can merely focus on your studies and have fun while you’re away. And what’s this? They might even assist you in finding lodging. Yes, they might assist with accommodations to make your life simpler.

3. Mentorship and networking opportunities

You will have access to a fantastic mentoring program as an Onsi Sawiris Scholar. Along the journey, seasoned professionals and subject matter experts from many fields will support and guide you. To help you achieve in your academics and beyond, they will offer you insightful recommendations, encouragement, and support.

That’s not all, either. Additionally, you’ll meet other academics, past students, and business executives. You’ll meet new people, gain knowledge from others, and seize novel possibilities.

4. Access to additional resources and support services

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program is really concerned about your development and well-being. Access to extra academic resources, including libraries, research centers, and online databases, is made available by them.

Everything you require to advance your education and pursue your hobbies will be available to you. Additionally, they provide various support services like counseling, job advice, and courses for personal growth. They are there to support you through any difficulties and help you develop into the best version of yourself.

Endorsed Universities

The following American universities offer the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme to chosen students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree there:

  • University of Chicago
  • Stanford University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fields of Study

  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management

Eligibility Criteria

So, all right! See if you qualify to apply for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship by getting right to the point. The main criteria used to establish eligibility are listed below. The scholars are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a high academic performance throughout their studies
  • Participate in community service and leadership activities
  • Report and communicate regularly with the scholarship program
  • Comply with the program guidelines and policies
  • Return to Egypt for two years after completing their degree

The scholarship program is open to Egyptian nationals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

For undergraduate applicants

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 / 90% in Thanaweyya Amma or equivalent high school certificates
  • Have a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 100 or a minimum SAT I score of 1450 or a minimum ACT score of 32
  • Be planning to start their studies in the U.S. in the year 2024
  • Have not lived more than 2 years abroad

For master’s applicants

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a well-reputed academic institution in a related field of study
  • Have a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 100 or a minimum GMAT score of 650, or a minimum GRE score of 320
  • Be planning to start their studies in the U.S. in the year 2024
  • Have a minimum of three years of working experience
  • Have not lived more than 2 years abroad

Application Process

Alrighty, let’s break down the application process for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship. We’ve got your back and want to ensure you’re all set to rock it!

Required documents and supporting materials

When it comes to applying for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship, you must gather a few important documents to support your application. Here’s what you might need:

  • The application form
  • Get your official academic transcripts to show off your shining academic achievements.
  • If you need financial assistance, provide the necessary documents to back it up. Show them your income statements, tax returns, or anything else that proves your financial need.
  • Ask your teachers, professors, or mentors to write you some kickass letters of recommendation. They’ll vouch for your academic prowess and all-around awesomeness.
  • You might also be asked to write a personal statement or essay.

Make sure to go through the application instructions from the scholarship program carefully. You don’t wanna miss including any of the required documents and materials.

Pay close attention to the application deadline set by the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program. If you miss it, you’ll miss out on this incredible opportunity. Jot down that date and give yourself enough time to gather everything you need and complete your application.

Selection and evaluation process

Once the application period is over, it’s time for the selection and evaluation fun to begin. The specifics of this process can vary, but usually, a bunch of experts and reviewers will go through the applications. They’ll look at things like your academic awesomeness, financial need, personal statements, and those stellar recommendation letters.

If you make it to the shortlist, you might get invited for interviews or more evaluations. In the end, the scholarship program will choose the deserving folks who best meet their goals and requirements.

The application steps

Step 1

Fill out and submit the online application form along with the required documents and supporting materials by July 31, 2023, for undergraduate applicants and October 31, 2023, for master’s applicants

Step 2

Wait for the notification of shortlisting and invitation for an interview by September 2023 for undergraduate applicants and December 2023 for master’s applicants

Step 3

Attend the interview with the scholarship committee and demonstrate your suitability for the scholarship program by October 2023 for undergraduate applicants and January 2024 for master’s applicants

Step 4

Receive the final decision and acceptance letter from the scholarship program by November 2023 for undergraduate applicants and February 2024 for master’s applicants

Step 5

Apply to one of the endorsed U.S. universities with the support of the scholarship program by December 2023 for undergraduate applicants and March 2024 for master’s applicants

Step 6

Obtain admission from one of the endorsed U.S. universities by April 2024 for undergraduate applicants and May 2024 for master’s applicants

Step 7

Confirm your acceptance of the scholarship offer and prepare for your departure to the U.S. by June 2024


So, there you have it, my friends! The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship is like a golden ticket to an incredible educational adventure. With its awesome benefits, from covering tuition fees to mentorship and networking opportunities, it’s a game-changer. Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience—go for it, give it your all, and grab hold of those exciting opportunities that await you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship?

Anyone who’s a rockstar student with financial needs, meets the academic and nationality requirements, and dreams big can apply!

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Watch for the application announcement, gather the required documents, fill out the form, and submit it before the deadline.

What expenses does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers your tuition fees and related expenses, so you can focus on learning instead of worrying about the financial stuff. Say goodbye to those money headaches!

Will I have any support during my time as a scholar?

Absolutely! You’ll have access to a bunch of fantastic resources and support services. From mentorship programs to counseling and career guidance, they’ve got your back every step of the way.

What happens if I’m selected as an Onsi Sawiris Scholar?

You’ll embark on an incredible journey filled with amazing benefits, including networking opportunities, additional resources, and a living stipend. Get ready to shine and make the most out of this life-changing experience!


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