Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

If you want to learn to drive properly, try enrolling in one of the best driving schools in Vancouver, Canada. Finding driving schools in Vancouver is not always simple. When selecting a driving school, you must be cautious since they have the expertise and credentials that meet your budget.

Driving schools have grown in popularity over the last decade. The competitive market also influences the decision of persons learning to drive for the first time. As a result, it is critical that you pick the ideal school for you. Below is the list of the best driving schools in Vancouver.

Best Driving Schools In Vancouver

1. Vancouver Driving School

Vancouver Driving School is well-known for offering professional, courteous, and trustworthy services. Their purpose is to assist you in earning your license as well as to educate you on your knowledge, abilities, and practices, which will help you create confidence in your ability to be a safe driver. Vancouver Driving School’s teachers are ICBC-certified and have over 20 years of driving experience in the lower mainland.

They provide one-on-one in-car practical instruction and attempt to make your learning experience as engaging, exciting, and entertaining as possible, so you can pass your road test with as little trouble and worry as possible. They recognize that each person is unique and has an own learning style. Refresher and update classes are given for international changing licenses. There is also a free pick-up and drop-off service. Payment methods accepted include cash, cheque, e-transfer, and all major credit cards.

2. Atlas Driving School

Atlas Driving School has been a successful family-owned driving school since 2002. Keyvan is the driving school’s founder and instructor. Atlas Driving School’s objective is to provide students with a strong basis for becoming safe drivers on the road. Their teaching staff is extremely competent, with considerable knowledge and expertise in the industry. Their programs are customized to the demands of each individual, and they deliver personalized attention at their own speed.

Atlas Driving School is the best school for learning, growing, and pursuing your independence, with a range of fresh new automobiles. Their teachers are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Hindi, Dari, Urdu, Punjabi, and Farsi, among other languages. They are passionate and committed to providing their kids with the best possible education.

3. Fraser Driving School

For over 26 years, Fraser Driving School has been providing driver training classes in Vancouver. The driving school is situated near the Commercial Broadway SkyTrain Station. It is a small local company owned by a great couple who wish to assist you in reaching your driving goals. Its purpose is to teach new and seasoned drivers the most outstanding driving skills available so that they may be safe and defensive drivers in every driving condition.

The male and female teachers at Fraser Driving School are experienced, pleasant, certified, and government-licensed. Regardless of your age or driving experience, they will give you the specific attention you demand. You may learn how to identify potentially dangerous circumstances and how to respond in order to prevent mishaps. Female instructors may give driving lessons.

4. RainCity Driving School

Driving schools are excellent venues to learn safe driving techniques. Rain City Driving School provides courses in its cutting-edge facilities. They have highly certified and trained instructors who delight in teaching safe driving skills to students of all ages.

They provide a range of lessons such as defensive driving, young driver training, and advanced driving classes. In addition, their teachers are kind and educated, encouraging parents to accompany their children to class. They also provide free automobile inspections for anyone wanting to buy a secondhand car.

5. New Day Driving School

Driver development courses offered by New Day include defensive driving, adolescent driver training, and adult driver safety lessons. Several programs are available, including online learning, classroom training, and evening/weekend courses.

New Day Driving School operates a driving school in Vancouver, British Columbia. They provide affordable driving lessons to individuals who want additional assistance learning to drive. Their teachers are courteous and educated, making them an excellent alternative for anybody learning to drive.

6. TD Driving School

The institution provides one of the most extensive education packages offered in Canada. From defensive driving to advanced driver instruction, this course has it all. They recognize the significance of safety while learning to drive and utilize tried-and-true techniques to teach you skills that will last a lifetime.

TD Driving School provides a comprehensive range of courses created exclusively for drivers of all ages and experience levels, whether you need to learn how to parallel park, pass a road test, or brush up on your driving basics.

7. North Shore Driving School

North Shore Driving School is one of the numerous driving schools in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This school teaches defensive driving, traffic regulations, and safe vehicle operating. Consider North Shore Driving School if you’re searching for a driving school in Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. However, vehicles must exercise caution while traversing this city due to the many hazardous roads and crossroads. Nonetheless, North Shore’s standardized programs effectively equip commercial drivers.

8. Topas Driving Academy

Topas driving school is an excellent location to learn how to drive legally and safely. They provide practical classes and are conveniently situated near downtown Vancouver. Their lecturers are educated and pleasant.

They’re also quite accommodating when it comes to class schedules. They won’t complain if you have to attend a lesson during rush hour. Topas is an excellent option if you are searching for a safe and dependable driving school.

9. Gold Star Professional Driving School

Gold Star Driving School is also one of the best driving schools in Vancouver. They provide several driver training programs, such as defensive driving, commercial vehicle licensing, and motorcycle license courses. They also provide automobile insurance, auto, and collision repair services. They are well-known for their hospitality and great customer service.

10. Johnston’s Driving School

Johnston’s Driving School is a driving school in Vancouver that is locally owned and run. They have reasonable prices and provide excellent customer service. They are dedicated to assisting our students to pass their driver’s tests and become safe drivers. Despite the fact that they have helped thousands of individuals pass their driving exams since 1969, the school continues to provide free practice lessons and passes every student who takes them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Driving Lessons In Canada Cost?

There are several driving schools, each with its own set of services and fees. Private courses are from $50 to $100 per hour, while classroom sessions are approximately $30 per hour (or less). If private driving instructors are giving discounts, you may be able to receive one.

One significant advantage of private driving schools is the ability to request schedule and location modifications. So, if you have a hectic schedule, consider taking a private class. Furthermore, driving lessons vary based on the school you attend and the package you choose. The average cost of driving school instruction in Vancouver is $700.

Is It Better To Learn Manual Or Automatic Car?

Because it does not need much human input, an automated automobile is undoubtedly simpler to operate in stop-and-go traffic. A manual car may be challenging to operate in congested areas and demands a lot of driver input. However, a manual automobile is a superior alternative if you want to choose whatever gear to drive in.

What Is An Easy Car To Learn To Drive In?

Toyota Corolla: For many years, the Toyota Corolla has been a popular option among new drivers. The Toyota Corolla offers a smooth and pleasant ride for drivers and crucial safety features that aid in the learning process.

How Much Do Driving Instructors Make In Bc?

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the average salary for a Driving Instructor is $56,469 per year and $27 per hour. A Driving Instructor’s typical income ranges from $41,053 to $67,537.

What Is A Class 4 License In Bc?

A Class 4 Unrestricted license permits drivers to operate commercial vehicles such as buses with a seating capacity of 25 passengers (including school bus drivers, special activity buses, and vehicles used to transport people with disabilities) and Taxis.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Teach Someone To Drive In Bc?

You must observe the following limitations when driving with a learner’s permit: Competent supervisor – When driving, you must be accompanied by a qualified supervisor. Your supervisor must be 25 years old and have valid Class 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 licenses.

How Much Does A Class 3 License Cost In British Columbia?

The average cost of obtaining a full privilege A Class 3 driver’s license in British Columbia costs $1,695 if you complete training on a truck with a manual gearbox, including the certified air brake course and vehicle rental for the road test.




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