How to Extend a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

How to Extend a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

How to Extend a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa-Canada is a great country to visit whether for a long or short period and it offers you a great experience especially if you are exploring the country. Canadians love visitors and it has been seen as one of the most welcoming countries of the world because every year, it welcomes a large number of immigrants from different parts of the world whether on a permanent or temporary basis.

The Canadian government has created a visa for those that want to visit Canada for a short period of time and this is the Temporary Resident Visa or the Canada’s Visitor Visa and since it is temporary, it definitely has an expiry date which means it can’t be used after it has expired.

The two types of Temporary Resident Visas are the single entry and multiple entry visas. So for whichever visa you have, since you cannot use it after it expires, you might be looking for how you could extend the visa.

Well, that is why you are reading this article as we are going to show you how you can extend your Canadian Temporary Resident Visa.

Extending Your Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

For you to extend your TRV, you will need to apply for a visitor’s record and the TRV like we have said has an expiry date and when it expires, you will have to leave Canada.

If you want to extend your visa, you will have to do these 30 days before the expiry date found on the stamp in your passport or any supporting document that was given to you when you entered Canada.

An implied status or maintained status is when you are allowed to stay in Canada legally because your visa expired while you are waiting for your visitor’s record to be processed.

Some of the requirements to extend your TRV:

  • You will need to have entered Canada legally
  • You will need to have either a study or work permit
  • Your Canadian status must not have expired
  • You must have a valid Canadian residential address

Types of the Temporary Resident Visa

Like we mentioned earlier that we have two TRV and they are the single and multiple entry visas. Let’s discuss them in details:

  • Single Entry Visa

Like the name implies, this visa is issued to you to allow you enter Canada once after which you will have to apply for another.

When you arrive Canada, an officer of the Canadian Border Services Agency would meet you and will make sure you meet the requirements to enter the Canada and once you meet the requirements, you will be approved and the officer will stamp your passport or give you an extra document to move with while you are in Canada and this will help authorize your stay in the country.

You should know that if you don’t receive a stamp, a handwritten date or an extra document in your passport, your Temporary Resident Visa will expire in six months after the day you arrive Canada.

Also, you might decide to leave Canada even during the time of your authorized stay in Canada, for you to re-enter Canada, you will have to get a new visitor’s visa except you visit the United States and you won’t be expected to get a new visa if you:

  • Have a valid visitor’s record, work permit, student permit or Temporary Resident Permit
  • Return during your initial authorization period given to you by the immigration officer
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Just like the name implies, this visa allows you to visit Canada on several occasions provided the visa is valid for the periods you visit Canada.

The Multiple Entry Visa has a validity period of about 10 years on the maximum and if your multiple entry visa is approved, you will be able to enter and leave Canada as much as you can during the period your visa is valid.

You should know that you will not receive a multiple entry visa if the expiry date on your visa falls after the expiry date of your passport and if this happens, you will need to get a new passport to apply for the visa.

This visa allows you to move between your home country and Canada and also Canada and other countries.

Who needs a Temporary Resident Visa?

  • If you wish to study in Canada, you will certainly need a study permit or Temporary Visa
  • If you want to work in Canada on a temporary basis as they are some temporary jobs in Canada, you would need a work permit or temporary visa
  • If you want to visit Canada for a short period of time, you will need a temporary visa.

What is an eTA?

This is called the Electronic Travel Authorization and if you want to move to Canada but your country that falls under the visa-exempt national list, then you can get this document.

This document is valid for five years and so you can visit Canada as much as you can during this period. Its validity can also depend on your passport expiration date and so if your passport expires, you will need to re-apply for the eTA.

Although this document allows you to visit Canada, you will not get into the country unless it is decided by the border services officer.

How to Apply for an eTA

Since you have seen what the eTA is, you will want to apply for the document and you should know that the process is a simple one. Since it is electronic, it means it can be done online which makes the process easier and faster.

For you to complete your eTA form, you will need:

  • A valid passport from a visa-exempt country
  • A valid email address
  • A credit or debit card

Once you start your application process, you will have to finish it once as you cannot complete it another time although an extension can be requested if you are having a hard time with the application process.

An eTA number will be sent to you through an email after you have submitted your application and in some cases, you might need to submit more documents before your application can be approved and in this case, you will receive an email containing instruction on what to do and how to go about it within 72 hours.

If you are traveling with your family members, you will have to submit an eTA application for each member of your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I extend my temporary resident visa in Canada?

Yes, you can extend your temporary resident visa in Canada beyond the initial period granted.

·     How long can you stay in Canada on a temporary resident visa?

You can stay in Canada with the Temporary Resident Visa for 6 months or less.

What is the difference between a Temporary Resident Visa and a Temporary Resident Permit?

A lot of people tend to mistake these two and the thing is they are not the same as the Temporary Resident Visa is a document that is issued by the visa office to confirm that you have met all the requirements to enter Canada as a temporary resident.
The Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) on the other hand is a document that allows people who are deemed inadmissible to enter Canada to enter the country legally if they are able to provide a valid reason to come to Canada.

Do I need a Temporary Visa to travel to Canada for a vacation?

It depends on the country you are from and you may either need a Temporary Visa or an eTA to travel to Canada.

Final Note

You wouldn’t want to cut your Canadian experience half way because you are visiting the county on a temporary basis and so you can work on extending your Temporary Resident Visa 30 days before the expiry date of your stay and the sweet thing is that you can do this online by completing the extension documents online.

So you see that you can actually extend your stay in Canada and continue enjoying the wonderful feeling of staying in Canada by extending your Temporary Resident Visa and also if you are planning on visiting Canada and you are discouraged by the duration, you can apply for the multiple entry visa that will allow you enter Canada many times.

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