How To Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

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How To Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier

Immigrate to Canada as a Glazier – You cannot live in a house without windows and this is what glaziers do and so they are among the jobs that are in demand in Canada.

A lot of people are new to this trade job unlike some other trade jobs like carpentry, plumbing, welding etc. and so there are a lot of opportunities for you as a glazier in Canada.

If you must know, there are a lot of glass houses and buildings in Canada and if it’s not the work of a glazier, then who does it? So if you are considering a skill that you can take to Canada that is in demand, you can consider being a glazier and come thank us later.

If you are bothered about how much you would earn as a glazier in Canada, be rest assured that you will earn high as the job is among the jobs that are in demand in the country even though it is not a popular job.

In this article, we are going to show you some of the best immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada as a glazier as going through the best immigration for you will make your immigration easy and fast.

So let’s delve into the article….

How To Immigrate To Canada As A Glazier

  • The Express Entry System

This is the most popular immigration program and it was initiated in 2015 to help speed up the immigration process in Canada and since then, it has been the source of a large portion of immigrants that have come into the country because it is easy and fast.

The program takes about six months to process and it is an online program so you can run your application at your comfort and convenience.

You will have to create an online profile and fill up some information according to the requirements for the program like age, work experience, education and proof of funds and after this, you will be given a score based on the information you filled in your profile.

You are expected to complete your profile within 60 days and then you will be placed in a pool with some other applicants and a draw will be conducted.

A Comprehensive Ranking System is used to determine applicants that will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent residency and this is done by matching the scores given to the applicants with a CRS cut-off score and any applicant that meet or exceed the cut-off score will receive an ITA to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Unlike some other programs, you don’t need a job offer to be eligible for this program and there are three federal immigration stream managed under this program and they are:

  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

As a glazier, you will qualify for the Federal Skilled Trades Program and so you can go through this program to immigrate to Canada and you fall under the Major Group 72, industrial, electrical and constructions trades

Some of the requirements for the Federal Skilled Trades Program are:

  • You must have at least two-years of experience as a qualified glazier within the last five years before applying for the program
  • You must have a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification as a plumber from a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority.
  • You must pass the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) test and earn a minimum score of 4 in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • You must have no criminal record
  • You must be medically fit to enter Canada
  • The Provincial Nomination Program

This is another program through which you can immigrate to Canada as a glazier and this program is designed to allow provinces nominate foreign skilled workers to get work in the province.

Through any of the Provincial Nomine Programs, you can get nominated by a province or territory in Canada and for you to get nominated by a province in Canada, you will need to get a job offer from an employer in the province you want to live and work in.

Getting a job offer wouldn’t be a problem for you as a glazier but you will have to look for a job in a province where glaziers are in demand as this will increase your chances of getting a job faster and also increase your chances of getting a nomination from the province.

You should know that the provinces do not give you permanent residency but they nominate foreign nationals to get permanent residency in Canada.

How To Become A Glazier In Canada

If you are not a certified glazier, you can enroll for apprenticeship in Canada and this will take about four years to complete. You will also engage in some practical work and also engage in weeks of technical training.

You can write the interprovincial or Red Seals exam at the end of your apprenticeship program and get the qualification of a certified glazier in Canada.

Even as an apprentice, you will be earning well although it cannot be compared to a qualified glazier.

Final Note

From all we have said so far, you will see that glazier are one of the jobs that are in demand in Canada and if you are very skilled and good at what you do, you will make it as a glazier in Canada.

You can decide to do the application yourself or employ the services of a reliable and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant as they know every detail about Canadian immigration and can put you through everything you need to know and do to successfully immigrate to Canada as a glazier.

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