How to Prepare For IELTS

Prepare For IELTS

International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is regarded worldwide by lots of countries as one of the most popular English Testing exams.

It’s approved by over millions of people, organizations, employers, professional bodies, universities, and schools to take this international exam before one can further their education or career in any of the native English-speaking countries.

You have to earn a good grade before you’ll be permitted to travel abroad with the IELTS result.

Many aim to score 7.0 to 8.0 bands as it’ll allow you to get admitted to the best schools in the world.

Many people who have taken this exam often aimed at making a good result at first but without proper preparation, their dreams become hopeless. 

That’s why we are here to help you to avoid making the same mistakes.

In this post, you will learn the tips on how to prepare for the IELTS exam to come out with flying colors. 

However, preparing for international English language tests is not easy but not impossible to make a good band as many think.

Sometimes it’s difficult to hit an 8.0 band in the IELTS exam due to fear and anxiety.

Well, you don’t have to be afraid anyway, what you have to do is to put your energy, mind, and prepare well before going for this international exam.

As we all know that preparing before you embark on anything you want to achieve in life, is the best key to success in everything you do in life.

Although It’s normal to fear and have negative thoughts such as; can I do this?

How do I prepare well for this test?

After taking this test, can I come out with the best result?

We understand this and many more thoughts will be ringing in your mind, but don’t worry you are going to conquer these fears soon.

After you read and take practice these amazing tips here, there will be no need to be afraid about the IELTS anymore.  

Stick around as you learn more.

10 simple tips on how to prepare for IELTS.

Here are the steps to follow to prepare for an international English Language Testing System exam.

There are as follows;

  1. Get the IELTS past questions and read up.
  2. Map out a practical study plan.
  3. Know and work on your flaws.
  4. Prepare with a tutor or take a test.
  5. IELTS is not about using big vocabulary.
  6. Write and read daily in English.
  7. Practice listening and speaking often.
  8. Go with short-term reading.
  9. Review before the exam date.
  10. Do this on the night of the exam date.

We shall now examine the above 10 tips one after the other.

1. Get the IELTS past questions and read up.

Arguably, this is the first step to getting prepared for the IELTS.

Experience shows that you can do better in any exam you haven’t taken before when you study from the past questions paper.

All you should do is to make your research or search for the old questions papers online to be sure of what to expect. Although you have to read widely this will surely help you to know exactly what to expect from the examiners.

When you figure out their question’s format and scope, it will be easy for you to answer right on the exam date.

Just make a step to follow so that you will not find it difficult to understand the important topics to follow up on.

2. Map out a practical study plan.

This is another great step to preparing yourself for higher studies abroad.

It’s scientifically proven that having a study plan helps one to focus and concentrate more than when you don’t have a study plan at all.

When you set out or create long-term or short-term goals for studying, it allows you to see how you spend your time, helps you manage your schedule, makes your studying easy, supports you learn fast, and also achieves success in the end.

3. Know and work on your flaws.

When preparing for the IELTS exam, you need to know where you are lagging behind and in which area of the English language you need to pay more attention.

Think if you need to study on your own or you will need the assistance of an expert to improve your English skills, so you get well prepared and equipped under a month, and with this strategy, you are closer to scoring 8.0 band in your IELTS.

4. Prepare faster with a tutor or take a test.

When preparing for an IELTS, another workable path to follow to perform well is by involving a tutor or registering with an agent to show you how it works.

Your aim is, to make sure you understand what the tutor has to teach you. Ask a lot of questions about the exam to learn more, and take some practice tests to determine whether you’re ready for your IELTS exam or not.

Know that with the help of a tutor or taking a test to prove your mastery, you will be able to prepare ahead of time, ease the stress of finding some words difficult and understand the exam questions beforehand. 

5. IELTS is not about using big vocabulary.

Lots of people think vocabulary is about knowing and using big words.

But it’s not.

If you want to score high in your IELTS all you have to do is, work on your grammar, pronunciation, and your listening skills.

For sure, vocabulary is important too but you must make sure to use meaningful words your readers can find easy to evaluate and understand.

Reading and having conversations with others who know their onions well in the Language is one of the most vital ways to improve your English language skills.

To improve your English faster than ever; develop a reading habit, always check new find words in the dictionary, and adding new words to your brain is another easier way to boost your English language skill and then prepare you to speak like native speakers.

6. Write and read daily in English.

Taking the IELTS exam is not something you will just wake up and start doing without proper preparation.

When trying to write this English test, there are things you should have in mind to help you master the skill faster; read and write daily in English, learn proper grammar, and punctuation, and always follow grammar rules when you’re writing for the exam.

7. Practice listening and speaking often.

Listening and speaking are other skills on their own.

It’s not what you will learn in a day, for you to speak well you must learn to listen attentively.

To build more confidence when speaking any language, including the English language learners organize your words in your mind before you speak them out, speak slowly, make sure to take time to breathe while you speak, and if you get stuck on what to say, just take a short breath, and you will feel your confidence returning.

And this also applies to building your listening skills; when listening to English radio, news, or movies, pay close attention to what you hear, and if possible, keep a notebook to write down new phrases, idioms, or expressions you don’t comprehend and look it up in the dictionary later.

All the above will help increase your knowledge of the English language, enable you to speak fluently like the natives, and makes you score higher in your IELTS exam.

8. Go with a short time reading.

To read little at a time or take as much as you can is the simple way to follow when preparing for IELTS.

Of course, you don’t need to overload and stress your brain with too much information at a time.

Learn how to read to understand, and not after reading the whole stuff, you won’t get or comprehend anything or have any idea of all what you just read.

Don’t consume all the information at once, keep it short and simple.

9. Review before the exam date.

Reviewing all you have studied will help to warm up your brain and prepare you adequately ahead of time.

Ask yourself questions based on what you have studied, answer them, and then learn the correct way to answer them.

After reviewing and you still find it had to attempt to the questions, try reading broadly again, you can go with cool music playing in headphones or chew on some gum, though choose what works for you. 

10. Do this on the night of the exam.

To excel for the international English language exam, on the night of the exam day you have to make sure you rest well, drink enough water, eat well, and take fruits, Omega3 oil, and groundnut to bolster your memory.

Go to the exam center at the appropriate time, don’t be late to avoid confusion.

Remember to break down and answer each of the sections of the exam questions, listen well, think before you write, and answer accordingly and effectively.

Advise: whether you are writing for the first time or rewriting the IELTS exam, believe in yourself that you can do better. All these are the secrets of how to prepare for IELTS and finally score an 8.0 band in your exam.

2 great benefits of preparing for IELTS.

However, there are lots of benefits to preparing for this examination ahead of time, but we are going to list out the 2 most vital ones here.

Here they are:

1. Preparing for the IELTS helps to build your English grammar, pronunciation, reading, and listening skills faster.

2. It gives you ample opportunity to score higher and earn you the chance to study at the best Universities of your choice abroad.


The IELTS Exam is one of the essential criteria you need to meet if you expect to relocate abroad for work, federal skilled workers program or to study in the best university of your choice in any of the English native-speaking countries.

Most people fail this exam because they often underrate the exam, thinking it’s simple to pass until the result shows up and they discover they don’t have what it takes.
And Even if you speak and write English, it doesn’t automatically mean you would pass the IELTS exam if you don’t prepare for it.

However, you need to be reminded that you have to be patient, skillful, and accurate to put in more practice on the guides mentioned in this post if you want to excel and do well in the examination.

We expect that our tips shall train you, and get you ready on how to manage the limited time well.

Good luck as you prepare for IELTS.

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