How to Select the Right Study Partner in School

How to Select the Right Study Partner in School

Perhaps you have just been enrolled in a school or you find your grades in a free fall and would need a study partner, this article will teach you how to select the right study partner in school.

Finding a study partner can be complicated. When looking for a study partner, there are many factors to consider. Those factors guide you in choosing the right study partner for you.

Factors to consider before selecting a study partner in school

1.    Course of study

When selecting a study partner, you need to be sure that the student is also taking the same courses as you. The student must be in the same department as you are, taking the same classes, and at the same level as you are.

Choosing a student who checks off the boxes of the above list brings unity and comprehensiveness to your study group. On the other hand, if you choose a student who is studying a different course, there will be a lack of uniformity. There will be almost nothing you can offer each other.

2.    Crush/Relationship

By a rule of thumb, do not ever select your crush or boyfriend/girlfriend to be your study partner. It’s a bad idea! This is because you won’t be able to give your studies 100% attention whenever you are with him/her.

If you select your crush as your study partner (and he/she agrees to it), during your studies, you will always be trying to think of ways to impress him/her instead of studying for your good. And if you select your boyfriend/girlfriend, you might struggle with concentration.

3.    Academic Record

Trying not to sound biased here; if you want to challenge yourself to become better, you need to choose a study partner who has an outstanding academic record. Choosing a student who is smarter than you or is at the same level as you will bring in the feeling of competition which can be motivating.

On the flip side, if you are looking forward to bettering your grades and you choose a student with a poor academic record, you might not do any better than before. Unless you want someone you can tutor or will tutor you, then it can be a considerable idea.

4.    Sincerity

Sincerity is one of the factors to consider before choosing a study partner. You need someone who tells you to your face whether you are improving or not. And not someone who tries to make you feel better or urge you to take a break instead of motivating you to read hard.

A sincere student doesn’t need to be a bookworm or someone who wants you to reach your standards overnight. But it should be someone who tells you the truth that you are failing because of certain things you don’t do or you are acing your exams because of certain things you do. And also encourages you to do more of it.

5.    Motivation

The saying, Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, isn’t a lie. When looking for whom to select as a study partner, look for someone who is motivated toward learning and researching. A motivated student will always rub off his/her spark on you which can help put life and motivation into the study group.

However, if you select a less motivated study partner, you might end up not caring about studying anymore. You might start seeing reading often as excess work, classes might become boring, and your meetings might stop being for studies but for another thing that is “fun”.

6.    Open-mindedness

A good study partner should be open-minded. Exploration and research should be intriguing. Plus, he or she should be a good listener, flexible, and also have a considerable level of empathy.

When studying with an open-minded partner, it is easy to make adjustments to the timetable, study structure, quizzes, and tests. It can also be easy to share your academic fears and victories, look for solutions together and share pieces of advice.

7.    Study location and time

Study location and time is one important factors that can also determine who you settle down with. Would you like to study after school hours? That means you will have to find someone who agrees on the location and time of studying after school hours.

If you would like to study at school, immediately after classes, then you need to find someone who buys the idea. You both will have to agree on a reading spot and time that does not increase your stress levels.

If you can’t find any physical places, you can consider studying online together either over a video call or an audio call. We wouldn’t recommend texting because it can be straining.

8.    Studying style

Every student has their study style; what works best for them — and no one can change that overnight. Some students do well studying at night when it is calm, while some prefer studying during the day and prefer the night hours for their rest.

Also, some students prefer studying alone, while some like having a study discussion about the subject. Whichever study style works for you, you have to find someone who studies the same way as you for a better experience.

9.    Comfortability and fun

When choosing a study partner, you need to look out for someone who you can be comfortable and open with. Someone you can talk to, feel comfortable around, and have fun with because people always thrive when they are learning in a comfortable setting.

Because all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, you should have a study partner you can have fun with during study breaks.

Tips on how to find a study partner

1.    Take some time to know people before asking them

If you have anyone in mind that you would like to ask to be your study partner, you have to take some time to know them. You need to know their lifestyle, their personality, how they behave, how they react to situations, and how they perform under pressure.

You need to take your time and not rush into asking him or her to be your study partner. Just like asking someone out, you must have had a crush on them for quite a while. The same can apply to asking someone to be your study partner.

When you have created a relationship with them, even if it is a little bit, they can consider your offer. Who would want to study with someone they don’t know a thing about? I guess, no one. That’s more reason you need to be acquainted first.

2.    Do not pressurize people or sound desperate

If you have asked someone and the person turned you down, move on to the next person you think might be right for you. It is beginning to sound like a salesman job, right? There can be many reasons people can turn you down. People’s schedules and study styles may not always tally with yours. Or you both may not be on the same academic performance level and it may look like one party may be gaining more than the other.

In all, try not to sound desperate even if you need a study partner so badly. If you sound desperate, people may think they will be doing you a favor which will, in turn, kill their motivation in the long run. After asking them, you need to give them a chance to make their decision without any persuasion of any kind.

3.    Look out for students who like to study at your study spot

Who knows, finding a study busy might not be that hard if you keep an eye on your classmates that come around studying at your study spot. Rather than going from one student to another asking if they would like to be your study partner, you can save yourself some energy by looking out for students who like to study like you from your study spot.

Some famous study includes the Library and Café. You can always keep an eye on the students for days to study their personalities, their interests, and how often they study. There is a high have that you will find a study partner in either of those places.

4.    Put up a public request for a study partner

If you have no luck trying the previously listed methods, you can go ahead in make a public request for a study partner. You can stick up a note on a bulletin board, or make a post on the school’s or class’s social media platforms. When making a public request, you should state the kind of study partner you want, and don’t forget to drop your contact details.

When you think of it, this method seems to be the easiest way to get a study partner. On the other hand, you might struggle with compatibility if the student who applied has opposite study qualities from you.

5.    Ask a teacher/lecturer

If you still can’t figure out who should be your study partner, asking for a recommendation from your teacher or lecturer is not a bad idea. Since your class teacher or lecturer holds the test scores of every student in the class, he/she can recommend someone who has a good academic record.

But the downside is that other aspects of the student like sincerity, open-mindedness, and studying style may not have been put into consideration before the recommendation.


Having a study partner can help you concentrate more on your studies, and motivate and challenge you to get higher test scores. Finding a study partner can take time for most people, but remember not to rush things. Keep an eye on students until you find someone you think has the qualities you are looking for in a study partner.



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