How to Study For an Exam in One Day

Study For an Exam in One Day

We have received lots of queries from people asking if it is possible to study for an exam in one day. Regardless of your reading and understanding strategy, one can look for an exam in one day and still get good grades.

Whether you are among the set of people that get involved in cramming for a test, or probably you can easily read and understand (in the sense that you are brilliant enough), anytime an exam is close by, a lot of students, regardless their reading and understanding category tends to be frightened because they don’t want to fail their exams.

Furthermore, the anxiety during the exam period tends to increase when students have only one day to study for an actual exam, especially in their finals.

However, we are glad to announce that it is possible to study for an exam in one day. Perhaps there are specific strategies you need to implement if you want to succeed with this method and still come out with excellent grades.

While on this webpage, we will share relevant information to help you save time while studying. The information in this guide applies to everyone, whether you have a whole day before your exam or probably one night to look for your exam.

Moreover, you will put in hard work, which will help you to memorize all the key concepts that will help you to catch up with time even if you have missed lots of classes.

Essential things you should know on how to study for an exam in one day

Below are some basic stuff (you can as well call them quick tips) that you need to know in your journey of learning how to study for an exam in one day:

Endeavor to be calm

Having known that your exam is quite close and you are trying to catch up with time, one of the things you must ensure to do is to remain calm.

If you fall in the category of people that don’t read until one day before the exam, you must be panicking about how you will be able to cover all the materials that were released for the exam that you are preparing to take.

Moreover, even if you have not opened any material for the first time, never panic because fear is one element of failure.

Stress and anxiety are other factors that will make it difficult to concentrate on utilizing the few hours you have. Also, when you are burdened with stress and anxiety, you will struggle in memorizing your exam materials or even to the point of thinking critically in a negative way about the exam you are faced with.

On the other hand, if you feel over-stressed, we recommend you take like 20 minutes to relax your mind before diving into studying.

For instance, you can get involved in yoga, listen to your excellent favorite songs, play games, take a quick nap, etc.

However, since you have limited hours for your exam, ensure that your little break does not take so much time, to avoid shortening the time you are meant to invest in your studies.

You can set the alarm to alert you when exceeding the time you set for your quick relaxation.

Get all your material ready

You should know that you are not studying to understand all the basics of the material that you have for your exam. Because of this, ensure that you have all the material released for your exam ready and on standby before diving into your studies.

Ensure that you have the following: a blank notebook for jotting things down, some pens (if possible different colors), the course syllable of the exam you are preparing for, the textbook, your class note, handouts, and every other material that was released for that course.

When you have all these materials, ensure that you organize them on a clean work surface so that you can have the freedom to access each one when you want.

Locate a quiet place

In everything you do, you should know that you have a day or even less to finish all your studies. In this scenario, you should avoid studying with a large group of friends, especially if trying to understand a complex subject.

Although studying with your friends can significantly support you, learning with friends is not always the best when you have a few hours before your exam.

This is because most of your friends must have covered the exam materials, and probably they are revising for the forthcoming exam while you may not have opened that material for the first time.

In such a situation, we recommend looking for a quiet place where you can achieve a lot with a few hours. Also, where you can be away from distraction that comes from friends and television.

If possible, you can even switch off your mobile phone to avoid unnecessary calls that might be a distraction to your studies. On the other hand, if your phone is among the materials you are using for your studies, you can put it on silent to avoid sounds that will both distract you and others.

Steps on How to Study For an Exam in One Day

You have seen the essential things you need to set in order, including gathering your materials, having a quick relaxation, and locating a quiet place. The next thing is to mean business.

Below are Steps on How to Study For an Exam in One Day:

#1: Create a list of all the essential terms for your course

Since you don’t have all the time you need to go through all the materials you have for your exam, one of the things that will help you to cover your exam material is by creating a list of all the essential terms for your course.

In this case, you will need to see your studies as a triage where you will only need to focus on the key points that will likely come out as your exam question and how you can answer it.

You should know that the few hours you have for your exam is not the time to start trying to understand all the materials one after the other; in this scenario, you only need peripheral knowledge of the course. Perhaps, you can achieve this by focusing on the materials you have.

#2: Search for summaries in your textbooks and other materials you have for your exam

Most textbooks usually have a summary for each chapter, and you can do yourself a good thing by focusing more on the resume so that you can catch up with time.

When you find these summaries, ensure that you invest time studying them so that you will be able to have insight into the content of that particular chapter.

On the other hand, most of your lecturers may likewise provide a summary in their various handouts to help students get the fundamental insight of that handout at a glance.

In such situations, you should concentrate more on points like Introduction, Conclusion, or Summary in any material you are using to prepare for your exam.

We recommend such strategic places in your exam materials because they usually contain information that will likely be part of your exam questions.

#3: Create your notes as you study

One of the ways to study, especially if you are out of time, is to write important points down as you learn. However, in this case, you are not just writing things down for writing sake alone but also helping yourself to master how to answer such questions when asked in your exam.

Also, when you write things down while you study, it will enable you to remember those things that you have learned.

Perhaps, you are free to write important points down in your rough paper. So you don’t need to have a neat book for you to be able to write some important information down.

On the other hand, don’t use your mobile devices to type the points you have read in your exam materials. Typing is not an excellent method to help you memorize what you have read.

#4: Get involved in using things like Maps, Charts, and Graphs while you study

You don’t need to spend the whole time trying to draw maps, charts, or graphs in your studies. Moreover, you can take some minutes to craft a quick reminder which will serve as a great way to help you memorize what you have learned in your studies.

Connecting with all the topics and guidelines in your exam materials will be an excellent way for you in your exam preparation journey.

Also, don’t neglect any material because what your lecturer taught you at the beginning of the semester will be a foundation to other things you need to learn as you proceed in your course curriculum.

#5: Teach a Friend

One of the best ways to learn faster while you study is to pass the knowledge you have acquired in your studies by teaching a friend.

You can bring an hour when you have glanced through your exam materials and try to impact a friend on what you have learned.

In this way, you are not just memorizing what you have read but also expanding your knowledge of what you have read.


This complete guide detailed all you should know on how to study for an exam in one day and still get good grades.

Endeavor to practice all we share with you here.

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