How To Improve Self Esteem

Improve Self Esteem

Whenever you hear about self-esteem, you should always consider the abilities and the opinions that you have about yourself.

In some cases, many people face the challenge of low self-esteem, especially when they find themselves among people who claim to have good self-esteem in their lives.

Moreover, self-esteem, in most cases, can be influenced by many factors, including but not limited to your sense of belonging, identity, confidence, etc.

Meanwhile, since self-esteem can be high, low, or even in-between, we will elaborate on the keys that you should know regarding improving self-esteem in this guide.

However, when you have low self-esteem, it may simply mean that you don’t have confidence in your abilities, personality, or other areas of your life.

Contrary to this, good self-esteem, on the other hand, means that the person has a positive belief about his abilities and personality regardless of his location.

If you want to learn how to improve self-esteem, we are glad to have you on this webpage. We will share the top tricks that can help you improve self-esteem no matter the situation you find yourself in or where you are currently located.

How to Improve Self Esteem

If you have ever found yourself in the category of low self-esteem but wish to get out of that condition, we have good news for you.

Below are the practical keys that can help you improve your self-esteem:

#1: Ensure that you are pleasant to yourself

Don’t treat some people with some reverence and honor or probably have some level of respect and reservation for them. But, at the same time, you take yourself as an ordinary person that doesn’t deserve reverence.

For instance, you respect people who wear costly clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc., but in turn you wear low-cost clothes, which makes you feel that you are less critical than those who wear high-quality materials.

Moreover, make sure that you challenge any negative thoughts that will come to your mind whispering to you that you can’t be at the level of some category of people.

Any thought that will make you feel that you are not qualified to access some things or probably that you cannot be able to speak out to your friends or contribute ideas during public discussions, ensure that you bring it under the subjection of your mind.

Meanwhile, doing all these can seem difficult initially, but you have to continue doing that because it is a gateway to improving your self-esteem.

You can begin by documenting something you like about yourself and working towards that to bring the best out of you.

Since this is a transformation, it will surely take some weeks, months, or even years to get yourself to a standard that will be pleasant to you.

#2: Don’t compare yourself with people

From the findings, we realized that one of the core causes of low self-esteem is when people start comparing themselves with others, and they start noticing something they are not doing right when they weigh the same thing with others out there.

Ensure that you set your own goals and hit them. You should know that the fingerprint of everyone in this world is quite different, and just as their fingerprint is a difference, even identical twins don’t have the same purpose here on earth.

There is no need to compare yourself with people who are probably higher than you, achieving many things in this life.

If you don’t know how to address the public, instead of taking yourself too low, you can work on yourself and learn public speaking from your friends or on the internet (YouTube). Never allow yourself to be spotted without a glow.

#3: Get involved in exercising your body

If you are from the United States, you will realize that some of the challenges many people face are that they don’t motivate themselves to achieve something through exercise.

We researched health and noticed that many people in the USA are obese because they cannot set a goal and achieve it regarding exercising their body.

If you cannot motivate yourself to get involved in an exercise that will benefit your body, it will be very hard to practice setting some goals to help you build confidence.

Getting involved in exercise and allowing yourself to sweat during your exercise helps your body release some portions of endorphins, which will enable us to have good and stable hormones.

#4: You should know that no one is perfect

Knowing that nobody is perfect has helped you to tackle the great thought that comes to you, telling you that you can’t be able to achieve things that other people have succeeded in this life.

Believe in yourself and believe that you are an extraordinary creature. But unfortunately, one of the things that happen to everyone when we start comparing ourselves with others is low self-esteem.

You should know that training yourself to be perfect is a transformation. But, unfortunately, change does not happen in a twinkle of an eye.

For instance, if you are shy to address the public, just believe in yourself and start practicing addressing the crowd in your mirror or other places you can utilize when training yourself into perfection.

When you understand that nobody is perfect, you have solved over 30% of the causes of low self-esteem.

#5: Get to know that everybody makes mistakes

Probably when people do something, and it seems reasonable to everyone. But, then, when it comes to your turn, you can deliver what you are expected to have; you feel like you are not among the category of people that were able to perform such acts.

In this case, you should know that nobody is perfect. As long as people still make mistakes, it means that when you are unable to do what your mates find very easy to do, it simply means that you are making a mistake.

It does not mean that they are a fantastic set of people while you are an inferior one. However, believing in yourself that you can do it better even if you have failed several times trying to do something that others find very easy to do is one of the tricks that will take you out of having low self-esteem.

Most times, low self-esteem causes an inferiority complex among many who cannot kill the wondrous thought that usually comes in the mind of people unable to deliver what they are expected to do.

#6: Focus more on what you can do

For instance, you stammered when talking to people, and this is a severe challenge you will face when you try to address the public or probably when communicating with your friends.

In this case, this is already a weakness you face. But moreover, don’t relent on your liability. Instead, focus more on the areas in which you are outstanding and where you can deliver the best.

In the scenario where you stammered, but are brilliant, don’t focus on your weakness. Instead, strive to express your intelligence by solving people’s problems that have to do with the knowledge you have.

Also, get people involved in helping them in one way or the other where your knowledge will be needed. This will make you relevant in society even though you find it difficult to talk in public.

#7: Always get involved in doing what makes you happy

Since you know that low self-esteem is when you start feeling destructive towards yourself on the things you cannot do, you can deal with this by doing things that make you happy even when you feel bad.

Through this, you can be able to think positively and get yourself out of getting depressed, which is caused by low self-esteem.

You can devise some tricks you can utilize when people tell you that you were unable to deliver something because of some challenges surrounding you.

In situations like this, you can create some instances that will make you happy whenever you pick them. For example, you can have memorable action movies that make you forget some negative thoughts that people have injected into your mind.

Furthermore, you can even read some fantastic books that always make you happy whenever you read them.

#8: Celebrate the little that you can do

Always celebrate the little victories you can achieve in your life. When you do this, it will kill every wondering thought that came to bring you to the level of having low self-esteem.

You can document a few things you are very good at doing and always behold them when you think you are not doing well in some regions of your life.

You can even get to the point of celebrating that you can read things out from a book comfortably without the help of anyone.

This will serve as a motivating factor in your journey of killing everything that will bring you to the level of having low self-esteem.


To improve on self-esteem, you need first to believe that you can do it and then strive by getting yourself involved in doing anything that can assist you in your journey of improving self-esteem.

Perhaps, you should know that this is a transformation, and it may take time for you to reach the desired standard.


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