How to Make Money as a College Student

How to Make Money as a College Student

Right now not coming from a rich family is no longer a good excuse to why you shouldn’t go to any school of your choice and pay your tuition fees in time.

With the fast growth of technology, you can now earn from the comfort of your own home.

There are now a great number of things you can do as a college student to make huge money and take care of your education expenses without depending on your parents or guardians for support.

Please take the opportunity to read this to message from my daughter who graduated from college this year!

Well, things weren’t easy for my husband and me after we got married and started making babies.

It went from feeding from hand to mouth till we both lost our jobs and by then my first child has finished her basic classes and was about to enter college.

Things aren’t easy for us. Your Dad has lost his job too and we don’t have enough money to feed, to talk more of having the money to send and take care of your college expense right now, I complained to her.

But in all my complaints, my daughter always told me that she can help herself if only we can buy her forms to get admission first.

After we have tried to convince her to give us more time to plan things out and maybe she can start school next year, she insisted on helping herself to go through college.

Well, we did.

But as loving and good parents we are, we made sure to see that what she does to make money as a college student is genuine and can pay all her tuition fees, then we allowed her to make her choice.

Below is her speech on her graduation day.

During my first year, I used up every opportunity to make the most of my experience academically and socially. I am a first-generation college student, and It means a lot to my family that I find success in this educational journey that I have embarked on no matter the hurdles that wanted to stop me.

You too can have a story to tell people tomorrow if you leverage the information we are going to dish out here.

In this article, you will learn how to make money as a college student.

Well, let’s get started as you learn all.

8 simple ways to make money as a college student.

There are lots of ways you can make money as a college student but in this post, we are going to list the 8 most vital ones.

They are as follows:

1. Dropshipping.

2. Earn as a freelance writer.

3. Sell some digital products.

4. Make Youtube Videos.

5. Become a delivery driver.

6. Affiliate Marketing.

7. Become a private online tutor.

8. Blogging.

1. Dropshipping.

You can make some money with Dropshipping just from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is get a smartphone, a reliable network, and data and you can make cash without stress.

See how it works:

Choose something to sell online. As a college student, you can choose to sell hair.

Get a vendor that deals on hair, discuss how much he or she sells the hair, and know how much to add as your commission.

Take pictures of those hairs you think the demand is high in the marketplace.

Post the pictures of the available Hairs on groups with wholesale prices.

Also, post the pictures to your social media handles, your school WhatsApp groups, or anywhere to advertise it adding your gain.

When you get a buyer, you will then deliver your order to the buyer in your name.

You pay the owner of the hair his or her money and take your commission.

For clarification, take for example.

I sell Hair of 10k, you advertise it for 15k or more, your buyer pays you, then you send me my 10k and earn a commission of 5k and I will deliver the Hair to your customer in your name.

So you see! I own the product and you make your gain. Imagine selling about 50 or more Hair in a month, I think that can take care of your college fees so well and you still have more money left to take care of your personal needs.

As a college student, you can make money using this simple way.

2. Earn as a freelance writer.

Freelancing is a kind of doing business online.

As a college student writer who is proficient in the English language, you can join Amazon Kindle Publishing and become a publisher there.

It’s not a difficult task. All you have to do is, research a particular topic that people will like to read and get value. Get your facts, and be knowledgeable about this topic, it can be about relationships, sex or easy ways to make money, etc.

When you are through with your research, write, proofread, design, and publish your ebooks on the Amazon app. 

And boom! You will start to make sales and you can earn dollars for the rest of your life.

3. Sell some digital products.

Also as a college student, this is another great way to make money while on your bed.

Selling some digital products can fetch you lots of money without much stress. You can sell digital products such as ebooks, hair, your skills, a Camera, and lots of others.

Remember also, forever, you can use just that one digital product to make money even in dollars.


4. Make Youtube Videos.

Being a Youtuber is one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a college student.

How? you asked.

Well, let me tell you how it works.

The job of becoming a Youtuber is not as hard as some people think.

All you need as a student is a little space in your apartment where you can stay and make videos.

Get a camera and a tripod or you can equally use only your smartphone to create valuable videos.

Create an account with Youtube, upload your videos regularly, and source for subscribers or viewers to watch your videos because Youtube pays you based on the watch hours of your videos.

Making Youtube videos is another simple way on how to make money as a college student.


5. Become a delivery driver.

Being a delivery driver is also one of the best ways to make money while still schooling.

All you need is a bicycle or motorbike and a phone to put your customers on call.

Locate a shopping center and ask to be their delivery guy, when a customer buys goods, you go and deliver them to where he or she lives, that’s all. 

This doesn’t cost you much to start and make some cool cash as a college student.


6. Affiliate Marketing.

If you are good and feel happy when you render help to people around you, then know that affiliate marketing is for your kind of person.

Affiliate Marketing has been in existence for so many decades ago and people like you are still operating it to make money even today.

As a college student, you can act as a salesperson for a company to earn a commission through affiliate marketing links.

Okay, lets me show you how it works.

Register and create an account with Amazon and you will be given Amazon links to sell your products.

Choose a particular kind of product that is in high demand in the market.

Get your product pictures, you can decide to post them on your social media handles or your website.

When you post these products anywhere you like, people buy them through the links you posted online.

Amazon will take their money for their product and pay you a huge commission although depending on the product you choose.

You see, it is so simple to do this and make money as a college student. You can utilize this great opportunity now.

7. Become a private online tutor.

If you are good in a particular course or subject in your class. You can use this opportunity to make money as a college student.

All you should do is organize some of your friends in class and tutor them. It can be offline or online, whichever one works for you is fine.

Just accept to tutor and give them your values for free initially, and then when they start coming in good numbers you can charge to tutor them on the subjects they find difficult to handle. 

8. Blogging as a career.

Blogging is yet another secret on how to make money as a college student and still make good grades.

It baffles me that lots of people especially students don’t know how it works, but don’t worry! this amazing post will expose all to you and will also give you a full-time course on how blogging works.

But do you know that an average serious blogger can earn close to $1000 or more in a month?

Wow, it’s amazing! Isn’t it?

Well, see how it works. 

You can create a website or pay little money for a developer to help you out.

Since you can write out good lines of sentences, choose a niche, it can be about marriage, how to repair phones, etc., and write well on this special topic. Or if you want you can hire someone to help you write great content.

When you have written like maybe 50 articles or more than. You post these articles on your website and within 3 months of continuous posting of good content, Google will approve your website and start paying you in dollars every month.

Remember, after one or more years of operating on your website, you can as well determine to sell it out for a huge amount of money.

Now you can see how blogging is quite a big lifetime investment, you can start making money with this as you still go to school.

Advice: Now that we have lots of graduates with certificates but no good jobs. Learn a skill and have something to make money even as a college student. It will make a lot of sense even when you are done with your studies.

Bottom line.

Thanks to the fast-growing of technology, now with technology making money have been very easy than before.

Now as a college student, you can even make lots of money a day just by doing one or two right things just from the comfort of your home. 

The phrase “I don’t have money to pay for a shop” or “my parents are too poor to see me through school” is now an old lie, right now, you don’t even need any physical shop to start making money or the help of parents to finish school as a college student, lots of things happen online, including making money.

So learn to turn your hobbies now into money-making machines while still in school.

Prioritize building yourself now and your future self will thank you later.

Good luck as you make money as a college student.


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