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Top 5 Part Time Jobs in Canada in This Year

Part time jobs in canada – If you are trying to make a lot of money as a student, getting a part- time job can make all the difference, if you are a student. Again, we have collected a list of some of Canada’s good paying part- time jobs, including the best paying part- time jobs for scholars. And we ’ll show you how to get a study permit for Canada and the good part- time jobs to make your life in Canada safe and easy.


These top (5) Part- Time Jobs in Canada  includes:

1. Being a freelancer

In the wake of the (COVID-19) epidemic, freelance jobs are adding. And as well working through freelance doors like Upwork or Fiverr can help you earn from home, on your own time. So freelancing is one of the highest- paying part- time jobs in Canada, with numerous freelancers earning above $25 per hour.

You can set your hours and choose your clients and you will be suitable to work from home and fit the work into your schedule. Again, working online can lay the foundation for your future career and make experience as you will be doing paid work with real clients.


Still, erecting a customer base is not easy, particularly when you start. And there is little thickness with how much dollars you can make freelancing. Again, you need the skill to sell on the freelancer business. So the most sought-after freelance work is primarily for content writing, web & graphic designings and translators.

Then here are some of the tips to help, before you start:

  • Try to make a profile on multiple skills as early as possible.
  • Ensure to answer every posted job you feel you’d be suitable to do.
  •  Again you have to be patient.
  • Then have a portfolio of work to move implicit clients of your capacities.

2. The sales Assistant

Working as a salesperson is a straightforward job, can be one of the best paying part- time jobs for students, and provides the stability freelancing lacks. And this is a solid place to get your first part- time job in Canada if you are a student.

There are always vacuities in retail and certain universities have programs designed to employ transnational students at certain businesses. And the work has more stability, generally having a daily or yearly payment with commission. Also, it helps you learn specific skills like sales, language and handling of clients. And in addition, depending on where you get to work, the job could be fairly easy.

The hours are less flexible than other freelance work. And you will generally get shifts grounded on your vacuity. Also you will have to deal with demanding clients.

There are many effects to know about before you start looking to work as a salesperson. So, check your lot of job gates, as there is a good chance you can find work on a lot, If you are studying.

So, numerous businesses announce vacancies on spots like Indeed or ZipRecruiter.

3. The Server

The one of the best paying part- time jobs for students is serving in an eatery, bar or café and the jobs are generally easy to get, and frequently there’s no experience needed to work as a server. So, there’s always a base pay, but the most of your income will be from tips. And the average tip in Canada is 15 to 20 percent of the total bill and you can ask to work at a specific time in the week and move your shifts around, if you tell your employer well enough in advance.

As you are working for a business, you will have to fit into their schedule. And there may be numerous late nights if you are working in a bar or café. But the base pay is generally small, so you will calculate on those clients tips to add up to your actual pay. So working with clients frequently requires good English/ French. And the service terrain can be chaotic and lead to collapse.

But there are some ideas you can keep in mind:

  • Still, you are best off working in a lower establishment, If it’s your first server job.
  • While you may earn lower, it’ll be easier to assimilate.
  • Again, start on a lot or in your original area if you are a student.
  • Also, get to know your co-workers. Because they’ll know the job better than you and can help.

4. The ridesharing

If you are over 21 and also have a valid motorist’s licence, a dependable auto and a smartphone? You have an excellent chance with one of the highest- paying part- time jobs in Canada ride sharing through companies like Uber and Lyft.

Like freelancing, you can set your hours. It can be economical depending on how important you work. And you can get to know your new  ways, and people through this job. And still, it can be time consuming, but there’s always work, and frequently people burn out trying to get the maximum lifts each day.

In order to start well in this job, follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure your language skills are strong to interpret directions from clients.
  • Also, start slow and only take on further if you can handle it.
  • Again, only look into this part- time job if you live in a large city with a large client base.
  • And again, thn excellent place to start is at your original airport as there’s always work.

5. The Tutor

One of the best paying part time jobs for students is an instructor. And as an instructor, you will be suitable to work on a lot or at a nearby academy. And you will generally work within your chosen career path. and however, you can set your hours, If you are a freelance instructor for one on one clients. And this path can be veritably economical without being too time consuming.

To be an instructor can bear a lot of time and trouble spent preparing for assignments and marking exercises. And in addition, you must set your hours to the class schedule if you educate a class. Else, you will have to work with the availability of the students. And then, the results you get out of the students determine your success. But you will also need to have a proven track record in your chosen subject, which could be as little as having good grades in academia or studying a specific subject at university.

The essential effects alon this are:

  • You will frequently apply for a tutor part through your institution or an original agency.
  • You have to stick to tutoring what you know.
  • Still, start training one on one to get used to the part, If you struggle with speaking intimately.
  • And again have a commodity that validates your experience.

Getting your Canadian Study Permit

Getting a study permit in Canada is the first and most necessary step. But the process is not easy, unless you match the necessary criteria and follow it rightly.

The first step is to enrol at a Designated Learning Institution – DLI. This DLI is an educational institution approved by the Canadian government for international students to study. Again, then’s a list of DLIs from the Canadian government.

Still, you must apply for a study permit, If a DLI accepts you. And to do so, you will need:

  • Acceptance letter from your DLI.
  • Valid trip document
  • Evidence, you can finance yourself and any dependants while in Canada.
  • And may need fresh documents including:
  1. A certificat d’acceptation du Québec letter explaining your reasons for moving to Canada
  • Then a  custodian documents, if you are under 18 years of age.

Once you have your document, you must pay your processing and biometric charges. And this goes for everyone applying for a visa. But the costs involved are as follows:

The Canadian Study Permit Charges

The Charges | The amount in  CAD

  • Study permit-per person $150
  • Restore status new study permit $350
  • Biometrics-per person $85
  • Biometrics-per family $170
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) $7

These costs will only go through at the end of your operation. So next, you need to have your medical examinations by an approved panel croaker and get police clearance. And you can have your medical test done after you submit your application.

However, the Immigration Deportees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will send instructions on doing your medical tests, If so. And also, you must stay for your application results. And the waiting time depends on your country but generally takes around 16 weeks.

The Constant FAQ

Can someone still do part time jobs in Canada as a student if they don’t have a work permit?

Of course, the international students are allowed part time jobs. So they need a valid study permit, be enrolled at a DLI, studying a secondary  position vocational program in Quebec, or enrolled in a professional training program of six months or more. So however, you will need a work visa, If you are not a student.


And what are the best cities in Canada for these international students to find work?

Canada is famously giving to transnational students. And as a result, all major cities also offer plenty of part time work openings for internationals. And the best cities for work are (Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary & Burnaby).

And how do one get a part time job in Canada?

You need to make sure you have a Social Insurance Number – SIN, a CV and a cover letter to apply to most establishment jobs. The universities frequently have conditions to apply for on- lot employment. But still, server and retail jobs generally only need an interview and some form of identification.

Getting to Work

So when you arrive in a new country and have to balance work with your other liabilities, changing to money on the side can make all the difference. So whether you choose the traditional routes of working as an instructor, server or retail or prefer the free form employment of freelancing or ridesharing, there are plenty of part- time jobs in Canada. So adding to your skills or interests will be the most salutary. And overall, the highest- paying part time jobs in Canada are frequently right outside your front door.



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