Best Schools In Collingwood

Best Schools In Collingwood

One of the perfect locations to live in Canada is Collingwood. It provides access to outdoor leisure as well as strong local economic development, like many other little towns. It is crucial that you provide your child with the best education available if you are a parent in Collingwood; that is why we have provided the best schools in Collingwood.

Best Schools In Collingwood

1. Our Lady Of The Bay Catholic High School

Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School is a high school in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, run by the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board. The school serves around 650 children from Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, and Clearview Township. The current principal is Kerri Parent, and the vice principal is Mike Quinn.

Like all other schools in Ontario, Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School follows the Ontario Curriculum materials produced by the Ministry of Education to educate your kid. However, what distinguishes Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School is that the content taught in their school is also filled with Catholic principles.

Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School instructors are called to lead students on a life-long faith journey centered on the humanity of Jesus. They foster spirituality via a Gospel-centered approach to learning in all topics. The catholic school teachers give education that recognizes each student’s unique abilities, learning styles, and spiritual journey. They value variety and educate kids in ways that appreciate their particular potential as a gift from God.

2.  Little House Montessori School

Little House Montessori School is one of the best schools in Collingwood, offering high-quality education to children aged 2.5 to 9. Since its inception in 1999, the school has served hundreds of Collingwood and surrounding families.

Little House is a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere where children are eager to learn and meet new friends. As the students love their activities and carry that enthusiasm with them throughout their school career and beyond, they promote an “Education for Life attitude.”

Little House Montessori School supports and encourages the developing child in their quest for personal growth, potential academic fulfillment, positive interdependent relationships, and the skills required for a fulfilling life as an integral, valued member of society by creating a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment.

3. CanSTEM Education Private School

CanSTEM Education Private School tries to make your child’s educational experience successful and entertaining! The highly experienced, devoted, and professional personnel ensure you get the best education. CanSTEM teaches students to comprehend, contribute to, and achieve in a constantly changing society, improving and making the world a juster. They will guarantee that their students acquire the skills provided by good education and the competencies required for success and leadership in the rising creative economy.

Individualized learning via the CanSTEM system is considered the most remarkable technique for building academic excellence, character, and life skills. They adhere to Ontario Provincial Standards and the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum and supply Ontario Provincial Report Cards for High School Courses as well as Official Transcripts / OSSD for Day School Students (Post Secondary Students). CanSTEM Education Private Schools Provide AP Course Preparation, International Baccalaureate (IB) Course Preparation, and SAT Preparation!

4. St Joseph’s School

 St Joseph’s is a small elementary school in Collingwood. It has a long history going back to the early 1860s and is one of two schools in Our Lady of the Southern Cross Collingwood / Clifton Hill parish. St Joseph’s School is culturally diverse. It now has 111 kids from various ethnic and religious backgrounds enrolled. This includes youngsters who speak 13 different languages.

In collaboration with families, they believe schools can help educate children while simultaneously encouraging their social and emotional health. This is vital in terms of increasing their learning results. St Joseph’s school’s staff is deeply devoted to a comprehensive approach to education. Thus all school activities must be dynamic and sensitive to demand.

St Joseph’s School meets a variety of requirements via assistance and extension. Many of the emerging demands are met via cooperation and collaboration. They have formed successful relationships with other schools, businesses, and community organizations and agencies to support the educational, cultural, artistic, social, and wellness initiatives they provide.

5. Collingwood College

Collingwood College is a government school in Collingwood, an inner-city district near Melbourne’s CBD. It is one of Melbourne’s oldest inner-city schools, founded in 1882. The school has two contemporary campuses: one near Hoddle Street and the other at the crossroads of Cromwell Street and McCutcheon Way. As of 2022, it shares a senior campus with Fitzroy High School for VCE students.

Collingwood College is dedicated to producing responsible, ambitious, independent, joyful, and well-rounded young people who believe in themselves and their abilities. The school’s work is guided by fundamental principles, including equality and respect for others.

Biology, Business Management, Chinese First Language, Chinese Second Language, English, English (EAL), Further Mathematics, General Mathematics, Literature, Mathematical Methods (CAS), Media, Product Design and Technology, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design are among the VCE subjects offered by the school. Collingwood has a broad range of activities in which students may participate to improve their learning.

List Of 7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A School For Your Kids In Collingwood

1. Distance

The distance between the school and the house is an essential aspect that must be considered. The shorter the distance, the better for children. How is the school’s transportation system managed? You do not want your children to spend two hours on a bus, nor do you want to drive them as a parent. This is certain to be stressful for both the youngster and the parent. Shorter distances between the two may allow a youngster to engage in other vital activities.

2. Faculty’s Educational Background And Experience

A school is only as excellent as the faculty members that teach there. As a parent, you should review the faculty profile to discover what sort of experience they have. Higher degrees and experience inherently imply that the educational level will be high.

In addition, you should consider the teacher attrition rates. According to experts, a four-year period is a suitable time to determine how well the institution maintains its teachers. This indicates that the instructors are happy at the school.

3. Fees, Affordability, And Other Economic Factors

There is no question that fees are one area that causes most of us to reconsider our choices. As parents, we must consider if we will be able to pay the costs not just now but also until our children complete their education (10 to 12 years).

Parents should be concerned about more than just student costs. Schools now charge supplementary fees under various headings, some of which are not entirely clear. To avoid having to move schools, parents should choose an economical choice.

Extracurricular Interests Development Opportunities

Many parents nowadays are amenable to their children pursuing professional interests other than schooling. This implies that parents seek a school that will allow their children to pursue extracurricular activities such as athletics, drama, and other areas.

A vigorous extracurricular program also guarantees that pupils’ physical development is carried out. Over time, a youngster may acquire an interest in one of these activities and decide to pursue it professionally. Some schools have a strong athletic culture, which is a significant advantage.

4. The Student-To-Teacher Ratio In A Classroom

Every parent wants to give their children their full attention at all times. This is only achievable when the student-to-teacher ratio is low. Experts, for example, suggest that the teacher-to-student ratio in a school does not exceed 1:20.

The smaller the ratio, the greater the personal attention that can be anticipated at the institution. When children cannot get personal attention, they tend to become introverts. It stops individuals from addressing concerns about areas in which they are unsure.

5. The Educational Or School Board That Is Prevalent

The School Board is the last but not least significant decision that should be considered. Choosing a school that adheres to the Government Board’s recommendations is simple. Enrolling in an International Board with a predetermined curriculum would be an option.

Moving parents would choose an international school that follows the Cambridge Curriculum. Selecting a board will be important later on, particularly if you want to have your kid take competitive tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Qualities Of A Good School?

A good school will have fair-minded, enthusiastic, honest, well-mannered, inspiring, skilled, and supportive mentors who will have a strong positive influence on the student’s attitude and personality.

Is Collingwood A Good School?

Collingwood has a national reputation for speech and debate, the performing arts, outdoor education, local and global service initiatives, and a fully developed Advanced Placement curriculum, and is ranked as one of the top five university preparation schools in British Columbia.

Is Collingwood A Good Place To Live?

Collingwood has been rated one of the greatest locations to live in Canada. Collingwood was named 22nd on Maclean’s annual list of the best 25 places to live in Canada. The top three aspects of Collingwood were demographics, culture, community, and commuting.

What Is Collingwood Ontario Known For?

Collingwood is a prominent winter ski destination, and the picturesque limestone caverns of the Niagara Escarpment draw visitors in the summer. It is also well-known for its Blue Mountain pottery, created from local red clay, and was first produced after WWII by Jozo Weider, a Czechoslovakian immigrant.

What’s It Like To Live In Collingwood?

Collingwood is an excellent choice for young families and singles, thanks to its many recreational options, excellent dining and drinking establishments, and inexpensive real estate. You can stay in a calm, secluded alpine area or a more lively place close to the Village.



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