How to Study For Exams in one Day

Study For Exams in one Day

Are you a college student who often develops exam fever during exam time because you don’t know how to study for exams?

If you had answered yes to the above question, then don’t panic anymore, we are going to make things easy for you.

We understand that exam times can be somehow frustrating an causes nightmares for lots of students especially those who may not be reading their notebooks before the exam date. 

It could become a race time for a couple of such students. Seriously it’s funny to observe how scholars can quickly study a year’s worth of syllabus in one day all because they didn’t prepare well for the exam, at the end they failed woefully.

Well, if you are probably among those who also do this when exams are just around the corner.

Then count yourself so lucky to have come in contact with this awesome article.

In this well-written post, we have made available complete step-by-step tips to help you learn how to study for an exam in one day.

After reading this here, it will make it easy and simple for you during your exam days in school. 

Of course, exam time can be somehow stressful sometimes.

It is normal to worry that you have not done enough revising or that the only thing you remember will be what you did today.

And more panic clouds your mind when you realize your exam is tomorrow, and that you have not started studying for it.

That is why we prepare you tips on how to study for your exams in one day.

10 simple tips on how to study for exams in one day.

Here are some ways to study efficiently the day before an exam.

They are as follows:

1. Stay calm and study.

2. Get your study materials before time.

3. Have your phone put away to avoid being distracted. 

4. List out the “Must Study” Topics.

5. Find the best time to study.

6. Find a quiet place to study.

7. Get your mind and brain ready for the exam.

8. Sleep well and eat fruits to help boost your memory.

9. Wake up earlier than usual for review.

10. Summaries in the exam hall before the exam starts.

1. Stay calm and study.

During exam time, it is normal to feel worried a lot of times about getting all of your study work done in such a short amount of time especially if you have not been studying after each lesson. You have left studying until the day before your exam or test date.

Whichever is your case right now, know that being worried on the day of your exam will make matters worse.

Being nervous and distressed can make it difficult for you to focus, think creatively, and write well.

So, you should stay calm and centralize on your study so you can be able to penned down facts during the exam. 

Advice: To calm your mind if you feel stressed a day before your exam, take some moments to relieve tension before the exam date. If possible, you can do exercise like yoga, or listen to your
favorite cool music.

2. Get your study materials ready before time.

This is another simple tips on how to study for an exam in one day. 

All you should do is make sure you have all the things you need ready before you start to study.

Your study materials should be your pens, textbook or notebooks, a blank notebook, and a lot more though depending on what you need.

You can pick up and arrange these study exam materials even before time. It should be organized neatly on your desk so you can easily access them whenever you need them to avoid looking for them at late hours to your exam.

3. Have your phone put away to avoid being distracted. 

Switching off and keeping your smartphone away from your reach when studying for exams is a decent way you can prevent being distracted and study in one day.

Sometimes our phones can be our greatest close friend and can also be a kind of distraction when we are about to do something important, you might pick up your smartphone and get sucked into the world of social media.

However, to stop this from happening, don’t waste your precious time studying with your phone. Try to jot down things using a pen and paper instead of making use of your smartphone.

Remember that this is another great opportunity to make the good grades you had always wanted.

4. List out the “Must Study” topics.

To avoid reading through the whole textbook or notebook, list out the “must study topics” in a separate book and read from there to stop going through your textbook, only to realize that there is a lot of material to cover.

Although you can try to put off those negative thoughts in your mind, Instead, read and meditate on the topics that are most important to you.

You can decide to create a study plan and jot down the key ideas and take notes.

Doing this will assist you to remember the information in your exam hall.


5. Find the best time to study.

Think of the best time that suit you to study and feel more focused.

Some people choose to study at night, others choice may be at noon or early hours of the day, whichever works for you choose it and create a time table for that time as this is one of the most strategies you can use to study for an exam in one day.

The logic behind this strategy is that it will help you to be focused and make you ponder more on your study for an exam in 24 hours or less.

6. Find a quiet place to study.

If you’re tackling a difficult subject, it can be tempting to study with many friends.

When time is limited, friends can provide some needed support, but they are not always ideal study partners.

Therefore, you need to be alone on your work and find a place that is quiet, away from distractions like your smartphone, television, friends, or any noisy and loud environment to allow you to prepare well for your exams.

7. Get your mind and brain ready for the exam.

When I say get your mind ready for the exam, it means to prepare your mind and put all your exam materials into the bag the night before the date of the exam.

Have in mind that you’ll need a few spare pens, a ruler, a calculator, a college student card, and a lot of others.

Make sure you have everything you need for the exam and put it in your bag in time to avoid confusion and pressure at a late hours.

And also train your brain to remember the information on its own, rather than as a part of a series.

If history is related to the subject, then you need to be mindful of noting chronology, but still, change the order in which you study.

8. Sleep well and eat fruits to help boost your memory.

In preparation for exams, some students often study until the late hours of the night. Don’t do that.

It is crucial you realize that sleeping well is what turns your short-term remembrances of what you have just studied into long-term memories that you can use in the exam hall.

And eating fruits such as cucumber and groundnut are one other stuff to help boost your memory for storing more information on the exam day.

However, this is yet another tested way to study for an exam in one day.

9. Wake up earlier than usual for review.

You have to get up earlier than usual to make sure you evaluate all you have studied before exam time.

You can review with friends or alone.

It is also important to talk less to avoid forgetting everything you have studied before entering the exam room.

Doing this will enable you to become confident and write your best in the exam.

10. Summaries in the exam hall before the exam starts.

Look for summaries in your notebook. Make more notes as you read. Make use of charts, and graphs if there is a need.

Summaries and review your vital assignments list.

Understand that you can’t possibly study everything in the course in one day, that is why you have to learn these points guides to help you study for your exam in one day.

You can make a small list of important terms and ideas on a paper.

As you enter the exam hall, stay quiet and focus on all you have studied before the exam begins as this will help you to remember stuff that may skip your mind during the exam time.

In conclusion.

Sometimes exam preparations can make one stressed or worried and this can make it much more difficult for you to focus, think critically, memorize facts and write well in the exam.

Hence, we have drafted the above guides to help you learn how to study for an exam in one day.

Know that it is to your advantage to start planning early, prepare a timetable to help you read, set aside time each day to study before the exam starts, learn to read slowly, and don’t cram notes, cramming allows you to learn fast but that usually means forgetting the information quickly as well.

And on the night of the exam day, get a good night’s sleep, stay calm and organized, and avoid noisy and loud environments to restrain forgetting things you had read.

Learn to study smart and not hard, this and many more are tips on how to study for an exam in one day.

Good luck as you have read and learned.


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