Swinburne CPA Australia Member Scholarship

Swinburne CPA Australia Member Scholarship

The Swinburne CPA Australia Member Scholarship offers a course tuition fee discount for students who are current members of CPA Australia and are studying a postgraduate course in Financial Planning delivered face-to-face at Swinburne University of Technology’s Hawthorn campus or online through Swinburne Online. This scholarship also includes a unit tuition price reduction for students pursuing the following stand-alone units.

Courses Eligible

Students enrolled in one of the following FASEA approved courses:

  • Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Master of Financial Planning
  • Master of Professional Accounting / Master of Financial Planning

Students enrolled in FASEA approved stand-alone bridging units:

  • FIN60010: Elements of Financial Planning and Regulation (Equivalent to FASEA Bridging Course Financial Advice Regulatory & Legal Obligations).
  • FIN60011: Behavioural Finance and Investment (Equivalent to FASEA Bridging Course Behavioural Finance: Client and Consumer Behaviour, Engagement and Decision Making).
  • FIN60012: Ethics and Client Management (Equivalent to FASEA Bridging Course Ethics for Professional Advisors).

Overview Of Swinburne University Of Technology

Melbourne-based Swinburne University of Technology is a public university in Australia. The school was established in 1908 as a technical college but only achieved full university status in the early 1990s. Swinburne consistently ranks well among colleges under 50 years old and is known for its scientific and technology research and success in preparing graduates for life after college.

In order to guarantee that the research done at Swinburne has applicability in the real world, the university cultivates tight relationships with business, government, and industry organizations. The university provides programs in 17 major subject areas, including shorter programs for professional development. These programs lead to undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Three campuses of Swinburne are located in the city of Melbourne, while a fourth is located in Sarawak, Malaysia. Of the three campuses in Australia, Hawthorne is the largest, with contemporary teaching and administrative structures arranged around lovely green areas about ten minutes from Melbourne’s downtown. The advanced manufacturing and design center and the upcoming multi-million dollar advanced technologies center are both located in Hawthorne.

The university’s horticultural complex, nursing program, and children’s services center are all on the Wantirna campus, which is situated in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The Knox Innovation, Opportunity, and Sustainability Centre is also included on the website. The $10 million Flexible Green Skills Complex is located on the Croydon campus and offers hands-on training for a variety of trades. The Swinburne University campus in Malaysia is located in Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak. It provides cutting-edge amenities, athletic and recreational opportunities, and instruction in various subjects, including engineering, business, and science.

The university’s online division is called Swinburne Online. Swinburne Online was established in 2011 as a 50/50 joint venture between Swinburne University of Technology and SEEK Learning to capitalize on the rising demand for online education. At first, Swinburne Online offered bachelor’s and master’s degrees in higher education. It provided more than twenty business, communication, design, education, and social science courses as of April 2015. However, Swinburne Online started providing vocational education in September 2015.

CEO Denice Pitt publicly stated her goal to grow worldwide in order to provide degrees to international students in April 2015. Swinburne Online ranked number four among the top 100 fastest-growing businesses in Australia in 2014. In 2014–15, its profits before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization increased by 48% to $29.8 million. The research results conducted through foreign partnerships are well known outside of Australia.

In the 2020 Global Nature Index rating, Swinburne did rather well, particularly compared to Asia-Pacific institutions. In the 2020 CWTS Leiden mathematics and computer science rankings, Swinburne was rated second worldwide. In the worldwide U-Multirank rating, funded by the European Commission for 2020–2021, Swinburne was ranked 10th in Australia, only below Australian National University. The revised Swinburne Research Impact Magazine[135] presents Swinburne’s constant research and innovation outputs, and Swinburne is famous for fostering successful academic-industry partnerships.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities placed Swinburne in the top 100 in civil engineering, automation and control, and computer science and engineering in 2021. One of the best institutions for art and design, Swinburne was also placed 19th in Australia and among the top 100 universities worldwide in the 2022 QS World University Rankings.

In Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects for 2019, Swinburne was ranked in the top 200 for computer science engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering. The 2020 QS World Rankings of Universities by Topic included the institution in the top 50 for the art and design subject category.

Scholarship Benefits

  • The scholarship is valued at 15% of your tuition fees.

Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a current member of the CPA Australia

How To Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with your student number, first and last names, and CPA Australia membership number.

  • The scholarship solely covers the cost of the course (tuition). No additional charge is covered by it.
  • As long as you continue to be a current member of CPA Australia, the scholarship is valid for the whole term of your study.
  • The scholarship is unique to the recipient and cannot be given to someone else.
  • The scholarship cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded.
  • Outside of those listed above, the scholarship cannot be transferred across courses or units.
  • No other Swinburne scholarship may be held at the same time as this one.
  • The terms of the offer must be complied with.
  • Suppose you fail to abide by any relevant laws, rules, regulations, policies, or procedures of the University, including any finding of academic or general misconduct. In that case, Swinburne has the right to revoke the scholarship at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can International Students Do CPA In Australia?

This event, which is specifically geared for international students studying in Australia, provides a unique chance to network with experts, learn about international job and migration options, and hear directly how being a CPA may further your career anywhere.

Is CPA Australia Recognised in Australia?

The Accountants Act recognizes the CPA Australia credential as satisfying the educational prerequisite for registration as a public accountant. Members of one body are recognized by the other under a mutual recognition agreement between CPA Australia and the Institute of ISCA.

Is CPA Australia Equivalent To A Masters Degree?

A degree must have been given and evaluated as being on par with the Australian bachelor’s degree level or at least 8 standard units (one year of full-time study) of the Australian postgraduate degree level in order to be recognized by CPA Australia.

Which Degree Is Best For CPA?

Your eligibility to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test may be improved if you get a bachelor’s degree in accounting. You may find higher opportunities at higher levels with a CPA degree. However, many applicants decide to get a master’s degree to fulfill the complete educational criteria for a CPA license.

Is A CPA Or MBA Superior?

An MBA might be better if you are interested in managerial positions or general business consulting. However, if you are solely a “numbers cruncher,” you should become a CPA, particularly if you want to work for one of the Big Four accounting firms.

How Hard Is CPA Australia?

To maintain the integrity of the tests, CPA Australia offers numerous exams for each topic. The complexity of each test may vary significantly. Thus a score of 45 percent on one exam may be equivalent to a score of 60 percent on another.

What Is The Difference Between Cpa And Ca?

In general, CPAs concentrate on accounting and company management as a whole. Still, CAs tend to have a larger emphasis on the technical components of accounting and a better grasp of complicated taxation concerns.

How Do I Get Exemptions From Cpa Australia?

Members of CPA Australia who have started the CPA Program may earn the exemption by passing the CTA Exam while enrolled in the CPA Program. Candidates may submit an exemption application within one year after the MOU’s expiration.

Are CPAs In Demand In Australia?

The epidemic has had a significant impact on the job environment. Accounting professionals are still in great demand in Australia, despite many businesses seeing a decline in new positions or even a total hiring freeze.

Is Being A CPA Hard?

It is regarded as one of the toughest tests to pass to get a standardized professional certificate. Those who may ultimately need to take the CPA test should utilize every resource available to offer them an advantage against a nearly 50% fail rate, given that the national pass rate is about 1 in 2.

How Many Years Is A CPA Course?

The CPA Course typically takes 7 to 12 months to finish, but the CA Course requires a minimum of 3 years. Candidates who have passed the CPA and CA exams have said that passing the CPA is substantially simpler than passing the CA.

Is Australian CPA Recognised In The USA?

CPA Australia has concluded a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the International Qualifications Appraisal Board, which is a representative of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the United States (AICPA).


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