Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship 2021-2025

Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship

The 2021-2025 Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship recognizes up to 100 international Eynesbury College graduates who have excelled academically. For the minimum standard full-time duration of the scholar’s chosen undergraduate or postgraduate program. The scholarship payment will be sent directly into your tuition fee account as a tuition fee waiver, decreasing your tuition fee responsibility by the scholarship amount for each teaching session for the indicated length of study. Please keep in mind that the tuition fee waiver may not be shown on your tuition fee account until your intake’s census date.

Excluded Programs

Please keep in mind that the following programs are not included in this scholarship effort, and candidates for these programs will not be eligible for this scholarship:


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Standard 1.5-year program only (CRICOS 059067E).

Engineering, Computer, and Mathematical Sciences

  • No exclusions


  • No exclusions


  • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience)
  • Master of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Graduate Diploma of Viticulture and Oenology
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

All faculty of Health and Medical Sciences programs are excluded from this scholarship except for the following programs, which are included to a maximum of 15% scholarship value.

  • Bachelor of Health & Medical Science
  • Bachelor of Health & Medical Science (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Psychological Science
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) (Honors)
  • Master of Public Health (suite GC and GD)
  • Master of Health Economics & Policy (suite GC and GD)
  • Master of Nursing Science (General)

Overview Of Eynesbury College

Eynesbury Senior College is an independent co-educational senior high school located on Franklin Street in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital city. The college is a sophisticated, five-story multi-function structure that serves students in Years 10, 11, and 12. The adult learning atmosphere and unique approach to senior secondary education distinguish the institution. Extracurricular activities, comprehensive athletic programs, festivals, and other typical activities typical of conventional schools are conspicuously lacking.

Consequently, instructors are accessible for substantial one-on-one help outside planned class hours. Students are taught to think of their professors as colleagues and to call them by their first names. Eynesbury is well-known for its track record of academic accomplishment. Each year, the typical Australian University Admission Rank of its pupils has been about 87-90, with around 95 percent moving on to pursue tertiary degrees.

Scholarships are available at Eynesbury for 6-8 full-time enrolments (typically broken down into 2 x 100 percent, 4 x 50 percent, and 8 x 25 percent ). These scholarships are usually meant for students entering Year 10 or 11, and they are valid for the duration of their academic career at Eynesbury.

An aptitude exam, a 200-300 word personal statement, previous academic and community accomplishments, and an interview with the principal are used to make offers. The scholarship selection procedure occurs twice a year, in terms 1 and 3. Official dates are announced in the local newspaper, on the Eynesbury website, and in the Eynesbury Times newsletter.

Scholarship Benefits

This scholarship provides a tuition fee discount of 25%. Up to 100 first-year international students having a minimum grade average of 85 percent or a GPA of 6.0/7.0 or higher in their previous program at Eynesbury College before transferring to the University of Adelaide will be eligible.

Scholarship Criteria

The following terms and conditions apply to this scholarship:

1. This scholarship is not available to the following students:

  • Students who have not received a scholarship offer.
  • Scholarship awardees from a recognized scholarship granting organization, such as a government ministry or department.
  • Current University of Adelaide students who are moving from one degree to another before completing their program of study successfully (internal transfer students).

2. This scholarship is automatically applied at the time of offer. Students will be notified of the scholarship along with their offer.

3. The scholarships cover tuition fees up to the scholarship amount for the time specified in the scholarship award letter for study at the University of Adelaide. Visas, Overseas Student Health Cover, transport, lodging, living expenses, books and study materials, and any other fees involved with living in Adelaide or studying at the University of Adelaide are not covered by the scholarships.

4. The scholarship does not cover courses where credit is given for previous learning/study.

5. The scholarship cannot be transferred to another person or redeemed for cash.

6. If a student gets and accepts more than one scholarship offer from the University of Adelaide, only the scholarship with the highest value will be provided.

7. Scholarship recipients must begin their studies at the University of Adelaide in the semester the scholarship was awarded. The scholarship is not transferable.

8. The scholarship recipient must be enrolled in the undergraduate or postgraduate program for which the scholarship was granted.

9. Scholarship recipients must enroll as international students* in the University of Adelaide program of study and must retain international student* status for the term of their enrollment. The scholarship will be canceled if a student ceases to be an international student*.

10. Scholarship recipients must enroll in a full-time study load for each study term of their degree.

11. If a scholarship recipient enrolls in more than the regular full-time unit load necessary for the year or incurs extra tuition fee obligations in any other manner, the scholarship will not pay the additional tuition fees.

12. The scholarship recipient must pay their tuition costs by the timeframes specified.

13. If a scholarship recipient is forced to return home due to extraordinary circumstances, he or she may petition for a one-year postponement of enrollment without losing the scholarship, as long as the student visa conditions are met.

14. If a scholarship recipient enrolls in courses at another institution, including cross-institutional study, the scholarship does not pay the tuition expenses.

15. If a scholarship holder is obliged to retake a course, the student must pay the tuition for the repeated course.

16. The University makes no representation that the recipient of this scholarship will be tax exempt. The award winner should get independent tax counsel about the tax implications of this grant.

17. The scholarship recipient undertakes to promptly contact the university through email to [email protected] if the scholarship holder plans to:

  • Transfer to another University undergraduate program.
  • Stop full-time studies.
  • Transfer to a different institution.
  • Request a withdrawal from any courses in which they have registered.
  • To postpone their studies and request Approved Leave.

18. The University reserves the right to change the awards, withdraw or not offer scholarships if: a) applicants do not meet or cease to meet the eligibility requirements of the awards; or b) the scholarship holder is found to have provided incorrect or misleading information during the application process; or c) a scholarship holder fails to maintain good academic standing and progress; or d) a scholarship holder commits serious misconduct.

The scholarship recipient Students may be asked to take part in a photo shoot and provide a testimonial for the University, which may be published on the school’s website or used for other promotional reasons. The scholarship holder must be willing to appear in promotional materials created by the University and participate in promotional activities organized by the University. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this scholarship indicates the scholarship holder’s permission to be utilized for promotional purposes. An international student is not an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent residency visa holder in Australia.

How To Apply

It is not required to apply for the 2021-2025 Eynesbury College High Achiever Progression Scholarship since students who satisfy the qualifying standards will be automatically granted this scholarship. Scholarships will be verified at the time of application.

Scholarships are available all year. However, students are advised to complete their admissions process as soon as possible to have enough time to apply for a visa and prepare for their studies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your University of Adelaide Regional Manager or a University of Adelaide authorized agency representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adelaide Good For International Students?

Adelaide is an excellent location to live and study. It is one of the world’s most liveable cities because it is inexpensive, friendly, and accessible. Adelaide is the most fantastic city in Australia for overseas graduates to get important post-study job experience, with over 500 positions accessible.

Is The University Of Adelaide Good?

According to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experiences at universities worldwide, the University of Adelaide is ranked 101 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It has an overall score of 4.2 stars.

What Is The University Of Adelaide Known For?

Adelaide University is a world-class research and teaching institution. They focus on finding new information, pursuing innovation, and educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Is It Expensive To Live In Adelaide?

Adelaide has a lower cost of living than any other mainland capital city in Australia. It means you’ll have more money for food, lodging, supplies, travel, and entertainment. This sum does not cover big costs such as education, automobile, television, or computer purchases.

Why Should I Choose The University Of Adelaide?

The University of Adelaide, as a member of the prestigious Group of Eight research-intensive universities, provides one of Australia’s highest quality learning environments.


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