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How to Apply For a Work Visa in Canada in This Year

Work Visa in Canada – If you have what it takes to immigrate to Canada and start a new life, count yourself lucky. And besides being a spectacular country with breath- taking sceneries and endless conditioning to choose from, Canada welcomes non-natives who are looking for a unique experience or better quality of life.


Canada also offers a wealth of job openings for a broad skill set in both public and private sectors. And according to SkilledWorker, a global reclamation agency for professed professionals from all over the world, there are (15) jobs that Canada is presently falling short of. So jobs in the service sector, health care, technology and colorful business diligence are high in demand in Canada for 2022.

The below infographic shows that emigrants are the backbone of Canada’s nippy profitable recovery since the jobs lost were incontinently filled by emigrants. It goes without saying that Canada is a largely- developed country which explains why so many people are willing to immigrate to Canada in the expedient of a better future for themselves and their families. And it has lately been reported that the Canadian government is presently addressing the labour shortage in Canada.

So if you are ready to start your trip and apply for a Canadian work visa, then we will take you through the way to get you started. And as a way forward, the preface of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program Quebec Pilot Program will be running until December 31, 2023.

And the TFW program presently accommodates advanced professed workers-though the forthcoming perpetration of the (NOCC) position occupations will be effective from May 24, 2022. And the addition of NOC C position occupations allows for more inflexibility in addressing the labour force needs.

So, in case you qualify for a work permit in Canada and you ’re wondering if your skill set is high in demand in Canada. Below you can find the top job openings in Canada for 2022 marked with its specified NOC C position occupations that separate the colorful skill situations.

The top Job Openings in Canada for the year [2022]

High in demand job| NOC C position occupations| Anticipated payment:

  • The Software Developer with NOC 2174 is $74,997.
  • The Marketing Manager with NOC 0124 is $84,376.
  • The Registered Nurse  with NOC 3012 is $78,000
  • The Delivery Truck Driver with NOC 7514 is $33,150
  • The Customer Service Representative with NOC 6552  is $33,150
  • The Welder with NOC 7237 is $49,725
  • The Engineer with NOC 2131 is $80,340.
  • The Accountant  with NOC 1111 is  $69,712
  • The Human Resources Manager  with NOC 0112  is $96,993
  • The Electrician with NOC 7241 is $103,116

By now you ’ve located your skill set and you ’re ready to find out what the coming way involves to get a work visa in Canada.

In order to gain a Canadian work visa or work permit, individualities would have to show evidence of eligibility to immigrate to Canada. And still, you can only apply for a work permit once you ’ve successfully secured an offer of employment from a Canadian employer.

Choosing the right work permit

There are some cases where a work permit isn’t needed to work in Canada. And in this case, I will be pressing the cases in which a work permit is demanded to immigrate to Canada. But first, you need to decide on the right work permit for you.

Here are there are two essential types of work permits

a).  Employer-specific work permit

This type of work permit must misbehave with the conditions of the job which would outline applicable information pertaining to the job.

This work permit is more formal in that it requires an outsider to undergo some redundant procedures similar to carrying out a Labour Market Impact Assessment -LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada. And this document serves as authorization to the employer to hire an outsider to fill the employment part. But while this step substantially applies to the employer, it’s important to understand the process involved when applying as an outsider for a work visa in Canada.

b). The open work permit

This permit is a work permit that’s not intended for a specific job. And in fact, an outsider is allowed to work for any Canadian employer as long as the employer complies with the guidelines set out by the Canadian government.

Note: If you qualify for an open work permit, you may not need an LMIA or evidence of an employment offer letter.


Finding out if you’re eligible to work in Canada

Depending on the country you ’re applying from, all aspirants have specific conditions that should be met. And whether you ’re an international pupil or a outsider who has a job lined up in Canada, these are the conditions for all aspirants:

  • You must have evidence that you intend to leave Canada after the quested time of your work permit;
  • That you ’re an international students or a partner or a common law mate of a professed worker;
  • You must have the capability to carter for yourself or a family member if they join you;
  • You must give a police concurrence instrument that shows you have no felonious record;
  • You must have observed the law and chorus from any felonious exertion in Canada;
  • Again, you must have a medical test that proves you ’re in good health;
  • To make sure that you only work for Canadian employers who work with the guidelines, the employers who aren’t involved in felonious exertion or anything that the Canadian government deems unlawful or illegitimate for employers), and
  • Also to give any other outstanding documents similar as an LMIA that shows you ’re allowed to enter the country.

Applying for a work permit in Canada

Firstly, ensure you have been completely vaccinated and escaped (COVID-9) restrictions. And also, a good place to start would be the Canadian government where you would have to select where you ’re applying from, whether or not you ’re applying inside or outside the country. And there will be specific online documents you would have to read or submit, and continue to follow the instructions on the website from there on.

4. Posting of the application and what happens after you submit your work visa operation?

Still, you would have to submit your biometrics which correspond to your fingerprints and print, If you ’re applying outside of Canada. And again, are there operations that don’t bear biometrics? If yes, then according to Canadian government, you don’t need to give your biometrics if:

  • The person is 17 younger or  61 times old or aged, or
  • If the person is someone who had your Canadian visa preliminarily approved.

Likewise, the Immigration, Regulations and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) would reuse your operation and corroborate the following information:

  • The  legality of the Canadian employer and whether they’ve followed the employer guidelines set out by the Canadian government;
  • And still, if you qualify for a work permit and a medical test would conceivably have to be presented.

So once the below information is vindicated, you’ll accept an approval letter which is a letter that confirms you ’re eligible to work in Canada. And don’t mistake the blessing letter for your work permit as this letter should be shown to the border services officers at the harborage of entry. And you’ll send your work permit at the border once you land in Canada


5. Preparing for the day you arrive in Canada

The time has come for your appearance in Canada and you want to ensure that you have all documents prepared for the border services officer. Then the following are important documents you should have:

  • Your Passport
  • Your Work visa
  • Your Letter of acceptance
  • Your LMIA, and any other outstanding documents that prove you ’re eligible to apply for a work permit and shows that your operation was successful.

Note: Your work permit will be published after the border officers have vindicated all your documents. Because it’s important to double check your permit for any miscalculations before leaving the harbor of entry.

6. So what are the conditions of this work permit?

At this stage, you ’ve already proven eligibility to apply for a work permit and also, you ’ve been approved by the border officers. So now, you ’re ready to start your new job in Canada but before you do so, you need to note the following:

  • You have to make sure you understand the conditions of your work permit and that you meet those conditions.
  • You have familiarized yourself with the Social Insurance Number -SIN which allows you access to colorful government programs.
  • You have to make sure you understand Canada’s labour laws, contract and casing which plays a vital part in making your stay comfortable.

The Constant FAQS

So how long does it take to get a work permit in Canada 2022?

The waiting time can be disappointing for foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Canada. And the different Canadian visas will have different processing times depending on your chops set or occupation position. But the Immigration, Regulations and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will be recycling all documents and this depends on the backlog of visa applications.

The IRCC will be perfecting their processing time in 2022 in expedients of easing the long detainments. And in the meantime, you should know that there are certain factors that could beget a detention in recycling your visa application.

So what’s the age limit for a working visa in Canada?

Aspirants in their 30s are generally in the peak of their careers and are looking for professional growth. So Canada’s Express Entry system for immigration operates on a point ranking system for those who are seeking to immigrate to Canada for better fiscal earnings. But the ideal of the points systems is to attract those between 18 to 30. And this means that you ’re more likely in demand in Canada’s labour request. So Canada wants to attract youthful skillful candidates who can add value to Canadians .

Then how hard is it to get a Canadian work visa?

This Canadian application for a work visa can be a long process and stressful as well but there are ways to speed things up. But for your operation to be honored and successful, you would need to have a job lined up in Canada as this will enable you to have:

  • Your job offer letter and
  • Your positive labour request impact
  • Your assessment document or number



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